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Banner (INB) Password Policy Change

As you may be aware, the Banner Enterprise Software upgrade from version 7 to version 8 is scheduled for March 11-15, 2010. Part of the upgrade process included a review of the current password policy in Banner. In order to bring the Banner password policy into alignment with both Texas Administrative Code (TAC) and Texas Tech password security policies, the following changes are being implemented with Banner 8:

  1. Your personal password will be case sensitive in Banner 8. The TEAM application has always required that you create a strong password with upper and lower case characters, but when you logged into Banner 7, the case of the password was ignored. 
  2. Your personal password in Banner will expire every 90 days. (This does NOT affect functional interface accounts. e.g. TT_account) 
  3. 10 days prior to the password expiry, Banner will issue a warning upon login that your password is about to expire, as a reminder that you need to log into and set a new password. 
  4. You will be allowed to reuse a password after 365 days have passed since it was previously used, so long as you have changed your password at least 4 times within that previous 365 days. 
  5. This policy applies to all systems that rely on the Banner Oracle ID and password as a means of authorization including, but not limited to: 
    1. Internet Native Banner (INB) 
    2. Axiom 
    3. ePrint

In order to reduce stress and confusion during the Banner 8 transition, we are going to expire Banner 7 passwords that have not been changed within the last 90 days on February 22, 2010. In order to eliminate your chance of issues connecting to Banner 7 on February 22, it is highly recommended that you log into and set your password ahead of time. Again, be sure you remember the case, as Banner 8 passwords are case sensitive, and this password will be your new password for Banner 7 and Banner 8. This proactive measure will ensure your password is not expired on February 22, it will not need to be changed again for 90 days from the date you set it, and you will be able to log into Banner 8 without a password reset on March 16, 2010.

If you have any questions about this change, please e-mail, and we will respond promptly. Thank you for your assistance in the Banner 8 upgrade process!

Kerrie Visconti
Assistant Managing Director * Enterprise Application Security
Information Systems * Texas Tech University System


Kerrie Visconti


TTUS Information Systems