Do You Know About. . .Preventing eRaider Account Lockouts from Your iPhone

When changing your eRaider password, there are three places on your iPhone that should be updated as well. If you forget to change one of these areas, your eRaider account may become locked out. When too many incorrect passwords are entered against your eRaider account in a short time frame, your account will become temporarily locked. This is a security measure to prevent someone or a virulent application from guessing your password and gaining unauthorized access to your account. As evidenced with our IT Help Central trouble tickets, most account lockouts for iPhone users occur after you have changed your eRaider password. Your previous password is saved in a software program on the iPhone and is being automatically sent to the TTU servers; the repeated attempts of the software to authenticate with your previous password locks your eRaider account.

While there are many places where your eRaider password may be saved, iPhone users should remember to update their eRaider passwords in the locations identified below in order to prevent their accounts from being locked. We also recommend that you switch your iPhone to “Airport Mode” prior to changing your eRaider password. “Airport Mode” prevents your iPhone from trying to use your old password to access your account. Once you have updated your password in the three locations below, “Airport Mode” can safely be turned off.

The following iPhone applications store old password information that must be updated prior to changing your password:
      • TechMail (Settings -> Mail, Contacts ...)
         Instructions available at

      • Wireless (Settings -> Wi-Fi)
        Instructions available at           

     • VPN (Settings ->General ->Network ->VPN)
         If using VPN, instructions available at

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