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Reminder from MailTech
In order for us to properly process mail for your department, MailTech requires your department's FOP number on all outgoing items. The FOP number allows us to accurately bill any shipping costs to the applicable accounts when we process USPS mail or shipments for commercial carriers. Items without FOP numbers or, as in the case of some commercial carrier shipments, other account numbers cannot be processed and these items may then be left by our couriers at your department for the account numbers to be placed on them.

FOP numbers can be written on items or, as in the case of bundles of envelopes, a note may be attached indicating the appropriate FOP number. Also, MailTech can create a barcode for your FOP number and email that to you upon request.

It is our pleasure to service the Texas Tech community.

Please contact us if there are any questions:  742 2286 or via email at

Scott Holland