$5 Starbucks Gift Card to Foster Youth Willing to Participate in Interview

This research project is being conducted to answer the following questions: 1: What are the pathways former foster youth took to attend post-secondary education? 2: What motivators and resources aided former foster youth in attending post-secondary education? 


  • Must be a Texas Tech Student 
  • Must have been in foster care at some point within life span 
  • Must be willing to have an in person or phone interview for 30-45 minutes

Interview protocol: 

  • You will receive a short synopsis of the research project as a participant 
  • Your name will NOT be included in research or conclusions 
  • Only one interviewer is participating in research 
  • The interviewer will be the only one to know your identity
  • Interview can take place anytime within 11/13/2017 – 12/13/2017 
  • Interview will take place in the Texas Tech Career Center within the Wiggins Complex

Contact Bailey Adams for more information at or call 806-834-8305 M-F 10-4 pm.

This study has been approved by the Human Research Protection Program at Texas Tech University.


Bailey Adams


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