Graduate Course: World Heritage Sites 7000-004 (CRN 44967)

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The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) approved the “Convention concerning the Protection of the World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage” in 1972. To date, 1,073 cultural and natural heritage properties have been nominated to the list. This course examines the selection process, background history, and importance of world heritage. The class will focus on the interplay of politics, cultural identity, and hegemony in how World Heritage sites are selected and managed.


Throughout the course students will gain familiarity with multiple perspectives related to theories of landscape, identity and hegemony, and how the concept and practice of World Heritage takes on different meanings and impacts indigenous rights, tourism and economy around the world. Particular issues that effect World Heritage sites including armed conflict, illicit trade, and climate change are also examined. No prerequisites are required and graduate students from other disciplines including anthropology, architecture, classics, geography, and history will find World Heritage an important multidisciplinary perspective that will complement their field of study.


Class Schedule

Wednesday and Friday 10:30-11:50

Museum of Texas Tech, Classroom #3

Instructor: Dr. Stance Hurst

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Daniel Tyler