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Do You Know About: Symantec Endpoint Protection

The latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection software (Version 14.0.1 MP1) for both Windows and macOS, is now available to download on the eRaider Software Download site – During our rigorous testing process, we determined that the updated version corrects known problems reported by the TTU campus community.

Notes for Downloading the New Version:

After you navigate to the eRaider site, click on “Manage Your Account,” and then select “Software Download” from the left navigation pane. Once you select your operating system(s), you will see the option to select either “unmanaged” or “managed” versions: 

  • All university-owned Windows and Apple computers should use the managed package, that allows the Symantec software to check into our centrally managed server. 
  • Personally-owned computers should use the unmanaged package, that requires the owner to manage the Symantec software.

The  following table provides further information about each version:


Managed (University-owned)

Unmanaged (Personal)

Antivirus Live Updates

Critical updates can be automatically installed on all Managed Clients in the event of a serious IT security threat.

The computer owner must obtain updates from the Symantec Live Update server through the Internet.

Release/Version Updates

Can be pushed out to all clients for automatic install/update.

The computer owner must obtain the updates from eRaider Software Download and install on the computer.

Monitoring and Reporting

Active attacks and malware infections can be monitored and proactively corrected. NOTE: User activity and content are NOT monitored by this software.



Once you select the appropriate Symantec software, an installation program will walk you through the simple process of upgrading. 

Thank you for your partnership as we work together to protect TTU data and information resources. For additional information, questions, or assistance, contact IT Help Central at (806) 742-4357 (HELP) or


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