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Calling all Texas Tech University students!

MUHL 1308--Music of Spain will be offered during Summer 1 and 2 2019.  Space is limited, and preference for acceptance will be given to students who complete the application process at the earliest dates.

Fulfill your Creative Arts Core Curriculum requirement with a life-changing experience! Musicians are welcome, but no prior musical experience or prerequisite is required. This course will explore the diverse styles of Spanish music from the Middle Ages through the twentieth century. 

Attend concerts in the gardens of the Real Alcazar (Royal Palace) in Seville, visit the Alhambra, a World Heritage site, experience flamenco music in the gypsy caves above Granada, and hear music in exotic venues in Seville. Experience amazing ancient historical sites, and go on location to see the inspirations for great works of music. 

For more information email Dr. Eric Fried at the Texas Tech University School of Music


Eric Fried


School of Music