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Win Scholarship Money! Enjoy Free Food! Bolster Your Resume!

Undergraduate Symposium 5 April 2019

Win scholarship money! Bolster your resume! Enjoy free food!

What is the Symposium about?


This symposium provides an intellectual forum for TTU undergraduate students to discuss issues of identity, conflict, and resistance in the United States and around the world. It serves as a venue for sharing theoretical and practical approaches to these issues from multiple perspectives. In the 21st century, the global population faces increased challenges related to population and conflict that demand rigorous study and the collaboration of individuals in multiple fields. This symposium will spark interdisciplinary conversations about how these issues can be addressed – and how they are being addressed – in the recent past, in the present, and in the future. The goals of the symposium align with the goals of Texas Tech University’s current quality enhancement plan (QEP), which focuses on the importance of Communicating in a Global Society. By participating in this symposium, undergraduates will:


1.     Develop communication skills in a variety of media that are appropriate to their disciplines and focus on developing them within a global context.

2.     Successfully apply these communication skills in a range of situations with audiences, both local and global.


We invite undergraduate students to register projects in a variety of formats that address the global challenge themes of Population and Conflict, with a special focus on Identity and Resistance. Your contribution may be in one of the following formats:

·      Paper presentations

·      Original music

·      Poster presentations

·      Webpages

·      Digital stories

·      Photographic documentation of sites of conflict

·      Digital portfolios

·      Three dimensional objects-to-think-with

·      Podcasts

·      Others…




Symposium Date:                   5 April 2019


Location:                                 Library Room 309 and Croslin Room

                                                Texas Tech University


Registration Opens:                1 November 2018  


Registration Closes:                4 March 2019

                                                Presenters will be informed if proposals are accepted by 8  March 2019.


Registration Link:         



Thanks to the generous support of the TTU Center for Global Communication, the Humanities Center, and the Harris Institute for Hispanic and International Communication, there is no registration fee!


For more details about the IRGC project, visit:


Why present at the Symposium?


            -Showcase your work in the digital collection on Identity & Resistance in Global Contexts

-Win scholarship money! There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in four categories:

1st Place Presentations: $1,000

2nd Place Presentations: $750

3rd Place Presentations: $500

            -Bolster your CV/resume and professional development

            -Network with others working on similar themes

            -Enjoy free meals and receive a free T-shirt

Questions? Please contact


Alec Cattell


Classical and Modern Lang and Lit

Event Information

All Day Event
Event Date: 4/5/2019

Library Room 309 and Croslin Room