What is the Race, Class and Gender Lens?
Women's & Gender Studies is proud to announce a new course offering from our program for Spring.
  • Course Name: WS 2305 - Intersectionalities: Race, Class, and Gender in the Global World
  • Catalog description: WS 2305. (3). The study of women’s experiences as influenced by such social statuses and identities as race, class, and global status.
  • Spring: ONLINE CRN 51260 | Face-to-face CRN 58623

There is not a "special approval" code and the course is open to all students. The enrollment is low and capped at 30 students.

Who can take this class?
  • WS 2305 is open to all undergraduate students, minors and non-minors.  Fulfills the multicultural credit.
WGS offers a student a unique set of skills learned through women’s studies programs: empowerment, self-confidence, critical thinking, building community, and understanding differences and intersections among racism, homophobia, sexism, classism, ableism, anti-Semitism and other types of oppression.

Tricia Earl, Program Manager/Academic Advisor, Women's & Studies, DOAK 123, T (806) 742.4335

Tricia Earl


Women and Gender Studies