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Paid Research Participants Needed

Study Introduction
The ''Improving performances through attention and self-control training'' study is seeking your participation in a research project to test training effects using brain stimulation in college students. This is a federally funded study led by Professor Yi-Yuan Tang of the Department of Psychological Sciences. The study will enable us to examine the potential mechanisms of brain stimulation training and its effects on performance and behavior.

What would I do if I participate?
The laboratory visits will take place in the English building at TTU campus. We will schedule you for brain stimulation appointments via email or call.
You will sit down a chair comfortably while receiving brain stimulation. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a magnetic method used to stimulate small regions of the brain. This procedure is well-defined in the extant literature. During a TMS procedure, a magnetic field generator, or "coil", is placed near your head. The coil produces small, safe stimulation in the region of the brain just under the coil via electromagnetic induction. TMS has been approved by the FDA and is widely used in many research institutions, hospitals, and community service centers. You will complete 4 sessions lasting approximately 45 minutes each. The study is expected to take no more than 4 hours.

How will I benefit from participating?
We would like to show our appreciation for your participation by giving you $15 per hour (up to $60 in total after completion). If you do not complete the study, the payment will be prorated based on the time of task completed. You can also learn valuable information about how training may affect performance and behavior.

Can I quit if I become uncomfortable?

Your participation is completely voluntary, and you can choose to end the session at any time without penalty. While you will not receive the full incentive if you do not complete the study, you will receive a prorated incentive based on the time of task completed.

What are the risks and/or discomforts to me if I join this study?
There is very little risk to you for participation in this study. You may feel a slight vibration, skin irritation, dizziness, and itching under the electrode. Many individuals report experiencing no sensation from the stimulation. It is not advised to administer this stimulation to people susceptible to seizures, such as people with epilepsy. However, seizures do not seem to be a risk for healthy individuals and individuals who engage in substance use. 

How are you protecting privacy?
Your file will be given a code number that will be used for identification, rather than a name. Only staff members working on this project have access to data, which will be used strictly for research purposes.

I have some questions about this study. Who can I ask?
If you have any questions about the research, please email Gavin Ueland at
If you have any questions about your rights as a participant, or in the event of a research-related problem or concern, please contact TTU Human Research Protection at 806-742-2064.

This study has been approved by the Human Research Protection Program at Texas Tech University



Gavin Ueland