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Annual Test of the Tornado Sirens

In preparation for severe weather season and as required by TTU OP 76.12, the Texas Tech Police Department has scheduled the annual weather warning system test for March 20, 2019.  At 10:50 am, the audible tornado sirens across campus will sound for approximately one minute.  At the same time, we will also send a test message through the Texas Tech Emergency Alert System.

 In an actual severe weather emergency presenting imminent danger to the Texas Tech campus, the following actions will be taken:

 The various sirens located throughout the Texas Tech University campus will be activated.


Texas Tech police car sirens and loudspeakers will also be used to broadcast alerts and instructions.


In the residence halls, alarm klaxons (with a sound distinctively different from that used for fire evacuation procedures) and public address systems (where available) will be used to signal persons to take cover immediately.


A notification will be sent through the TechAlert System.  (If you have not already done so this semester, please be sure to update cell phone, home phone or text message information at Up to four phone numbers can be entered, with TTY/TDD for hearing impaired and text messaging options.)

 Please see emergency information at


Texas Tech Police Department


Texas Tech Police Department