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Do you need an upper level elective?

Women's & Gender Studies, in partnership with the Department of History and the Office of LGBTQIA, has a new course offering for all undergraduate students.  Non-minors are also encouraged to register for this course as an elective. History students can also receive credit by registering for the cross-listed course HIST 3339.

  • About the course:
  • WS 3349 (CRN 40443) 
  • LGBTQIA History in the United States
  • TR, 12:30PM – 1:50PM
  • Dr. Emily Skidmore
  • Course Description: This course traces the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) people in the United States, from the colonial period to the present. With particular attention to the ways in which sexual and gender identity intersect with race, class, and nationality, we will explore self-conceptions and self-definitions alongside constructs of gender and sexuality and the resultant prescribed roles. This course is designed to introduce students to the full diversity of American life, past and present. Topics will include the emergence of “modern” understanding of sexuality, male and female homosexuality, transgender identity, debates around relationship recognition, the AIDS crisis, the rise of queer politics, and more. 

Expected Learning Outcomes:

1)  The students will be able to describe the history of LGBTQIA experiences in the United States.

2)  The students will be able to explain the contributions made by LGBTQIA people in the United States.

3)  The students will be able to describe how LGBTQIA experiences are shaped by race, gender, class, and nationality.

  • About W&GS:

Women's & Gender Studies offers a student a unique set of skills learned through course work. The program emphasizes critical thinking across disciplines, which is vital to suc­cess in any career you choose. You will learn how to critically evaluate practices, beliefs and standards about gender that shape the opportunities that women and men face in their daily lives. You can use these skills in a variety of careers in order to be a more successful leader and a better colleague who will know how to be effective in diverse work settings.

If you have questions or would like to make an appointment for advising, feel free to contact Tricia Earl, Program Manager / Academic Advisor, T (806) 742-4335 or visit our web site at


Tricia Earl


Women and Gender Studies