Research Study of the brain of early adolescent male and female children

Research study on how the brains of early adolescent male and female children differ in relation to risk-taking behavior

Texas Tech University Department of Human Development and Family Studies


What will your child be asked to do?

Your child will be asked to visit the Texas Tech Neuroimaging Institute on 1 day and spend up to 3.5 hours. During this visit, your child will also be asked to fill in several brief questionnaires and perform several tasks on a computer (they will feel as if they are playing several simple computer games). Your child will then participate in a special type of MRI scan while performing a small task (similar to playing a computer game) to see how your child’s brain react to the task. It’s called a ‘functional’ MRI (fMRI) scan. Your child will just lie on a table and will be placed inside a ‘tunnel’ that allows us to image your child’s brain while performing the task.


Your child can be considered to participate in this study if:

1. Your child is 10-12 years old 

2. Your child has not been diagnosed with psychiatric conditions including ADHD 

3. Your child will be willing to spend 3 ½ hours in our facility and undergo a brain scan (MRI) that will last approximately 45 minutes 

4. Your child has not had head injury 

Your child will receive $30 as compensation for participating in this study and will be eligible to win $10 in addition ($40 total).

If you would like to find out more about participating in this study, please contact us with your name, phone number, and the best times to contact you: 915-257-5541; Email:


This study has been approved by the Texas Tech University Human Research Protection Program and the Texas Tech Neuroimaging Institute.


Ivette Noriega