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HDFS 6363.002
Poverty has been linked to an array of individual, family, and societal problems including poor health, negative educational outcomes, crime and delinquency, and family dysfunction and instability. This graduate seminar will provide an overview of theories and research regarding the causes and consequences of poverty for individuals and families.
Topics to be covered include:
?Defining and measuring poverty
?The intergenerational transmission of poverty andsocioeconomic status
?Theories regarding the causes of poverty
?Socioeconomic status, poverty and child/adolescentdevelopment
?Poverty and racial/ethnic stratification
?Socioeconomic status, poverty and individual and familyfunctioning
?Neighborhoods, schools and poverty
ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR Dr. Monica J. Martin is a faculty member in Human Development and Family Studies. She has published extensively in the area of economic disadvantage, including its ties to parenting and child, adolescent and young adult development. HDFS 6363-002 (CRN 37876) Fridays Noon to 2:50pm

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Human Develop and Family Studies