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Women Needed for Menstrual Cycle Study
Participants must be between 21-35 years old, have regular menstrual cycles, not on birth control, not obese, a non-smoker, not taking medications that affect blood pressure or renal function, and do not have diabetes.

This study involves 3 visits (visit 1 = 1 hour, visits 2 and 3 = 1.5 hours each) to the Kinesiology and Sport Management building at Texas Tech University. Measurements include fasting blood glucose and female hormones, aerobic fitness level, and vascular function at rest and during handgrip exercise. Participants will be compensated $50 for completion of the study and will also receive results from the tests (blood glucose, blood pressure, fitness level). Interested women should contact Dr. Joaquin Gonzales at (806) 834-5944 or 

This study has been approved by the Protection of Human Subjects Committee at Texas Tech University

Joaquin Gonzales


Kinesiology and Sport Management