Fall 2019 Course: CHIN4301 Chinese Character and Calligraphy

The Chinese writing system has been used continuously for over three thousand years, serving the longest, uninterrupted literary tradition in the world today. The unique and distinct features of the square Chinese characters attracted people at their first encounter. CHIN4301 Chinese Characters and Calligraphy aims to provide students with an overview of the history and development of the Chinese writing system from the diachronic and synchronic perspectives. Students will learn the origin of Chinese character (oracle bone scripts), historical evolution of Chinese characters, the development of Chinese calligraphy, language reform in China, the composition of Chinese characters, the classification of Chinese characters, Chinese characters’ writing rules, common character radicals, Chinese dictionary, the art of Chinese calligraphy, etc. In the class, students will have a lot of hand-on activities and calligraphy practice experience.

No Chinese language knowledge is required!

The class will be conducted in English.

Meets 9:30 am- 10:50 am on Tuesday and Thursday.  

It meets the course requirements for both Chinese minor and major!

Contact Dr. Yanlin Wang ( for more information. 


Yanlin Wang


Classical and Modern Lang and Lit