Foundations in Women's & Gender Studies Course Offered

Women's & Gender Studies offers a specialist inter-disciplinary sub-field in women's, gender, and identity studies for doctoral and master's degree candidates in the form of a Graduate Certificate.

This Gradate Certificate functions as a stand-alone credential useful for professionals in nursing, social work, law, healthcare management, and the military, as well as in faith-based organizations and the field of education.  To be awarded the Graduate Certificate, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA across all courses required for completion of the Certificate.

The first course, WS 5360, is a graduate level survey of the study of gender, women and feminism. Women’s & Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field addressing women’s issues from the perspective of the major academic disciplines, including the arts and humanities, biological and social and behavioral sciences.

Women’s & Gender Studies has a long tradition of using knowledge to serve the cause of advancement of gender equality. The second part of the course will be to focus on the way in which women and men have promoted gender equality in society throughout human history through local, national and global movements for change.

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Tricia Earl


Women and Gender Studies