Call For Photos & Artwork - Libraries' Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month Exhibits
The University Libraries would like to showcase Texas Tech University's Hispanic/Latinx student, faculty, staff, and alumni organizations and sororities. We would like organizations to, if possible, to include the most current member photo and description about the organization.

We are also interested in anyone wishing to display their artwork!!

We will begin taking photos and artwork for the Hispanic Heritage Month exhibit now until September 13th! Space is limited!

Photos need to be no bigger than 1500 x 2100 ppi. (5x7).

Artwork to be no taller than 17 inches, no longer than 24 inches, or wider than 10 inches. You can come by the Libraries, to view the display cases to get an idea about size.

Descriptions need to be no more than 300 words.

Please send digital photos & descriptions to

The deadline for submissions of items to be displayed during the exhibit will be September 13th, 2019.

The exhibit will run from September 13th through October 18th, 2019.


Anyone who is interested in helping plan/organize the HHM exhibit, or submit artwork, can contact Esther De Leon, Associate Librarian @ University Libraries.


Esther Medina De Leon