Caregivers and their Children Ages 3-5 Wanted for Research Study

Caregivers of children aged 3-5:
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Texas Tech University
Department of Psychological Sciences
Principal Investigator: Adam T. Schmidt, Ph.D.

· We are interested in learning more about preschool-aged children’s
o Thoughts
o Feelings
o Behaviors
o Body mass index (BMI)
o Sleep

· We also want to better understand the impact of various caregiver factors on their preschool child’s functioning

· We will do this by asking parent participants to complete brief psychological assessments during a two-hour at-home session which will include $50 compensation for participation.

· During this session, we will also work with children to complete brief neurological and psychological assessments, in addition to collecting a saliva sample, and measuring their BMI

· Afterward, we will ask the child to wear an actigraph for one week following the first session to assess their sleep.

· A researcher will collect this equipment approximately seven days later and will provide $50 compensation via gift card.

Participation is voluntary and confidential.


Call or text us at: (806) 464-0098 OR
Email us at:

This study has been approved by the Human Research Protection Program at Texas Tech University


Amber Benet