Exciting Seminar Series in Irrigation Management Offered this Fall 2022

PSS 4340 - Irrigation Management Seminar

AN EXCITING SEMINAR SERIES, redesigned to include lectures on progress, challenges, and solutions developed to achieve efficient water management and enhance water conservation. The lecture series will be delivered by personnel from industry, commodity commissions, producer organizations, renowned crop consultants, irrigation delivery experts, water resource centers/institutes and other stake holders. We currently have more than 20 speakers assembled across these categories to provide a highly practical experience and an atmosphere for the students to engage with the best in business. The goal of this lecture series is to provide current direction in which water management and conservation efforts are headed, the gaps that the industry and producers are facing and to showcase the wide range of opportunities that the undergraduate/graduate students can engage in during (internships) and after graduation.

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Nancy Merriman


Plant and Soil Science