Mamak Razmgir: "Memories of Dark Years"
Memories of Dark Years, the most recent project by Mamak Razmgir, stems from old traditions, destructive cultures, and all activities that human beings have been doing against each other throughout history. The core of Razmgir's artworks focuses on story-telling, transformation and deformity. The works depict a form of reality through factious and figurative creatures that are a mixture of human and animal. As a contemporary Eastern woman, Razmgir's drawings and paintings are intended to challenge viewers to contemplate how their routine activities could be a terrible crime to all human beings in the world. Her artwork aims to allow audiences to put themselves, instead of the characters, in the drawings and paintings and see the world from other points of view in order to broaden their horizon about the world they live in.

Razmgir is a current MFA candidate in Painting, at Texas Tech University's School of Art. Razmgir earned her BFA in Graphic Design from the Tehran University of Art and her MFA in Illustration from the University of Tehran.

Memories of Dark Years is currently on view by appointment at Texas Tech's School of Art Satellite Gallery (1108 5th St, Lubbock, TX 79401). To set an appointment to view the exhibition please email 

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