Duo Multifactor Authentication Coming Soon!

NOTE: This announcement is no longer current and has been maintained only for archival purposes. Texas Tech University transitioned from Duo to Microsoft MFA on February 15, 2024. Please visit for more information.

To better protect against increasing threats to critical systems and data in higher education, the TTU IT Division will begin to implement Duo Security for select applications and services.

What is Duo Security? Duo Security is a company that provides a cloud-based software service that uses multifactor authentication (MFA) to ensure secure access to services and data. The TTU IT Division has been using Duo internally for over a year and found it an easy and effective tool for protecting information resources. Duo is already being used successfully in many higher education institutions, including some of the institutions within the TTU System. 
How will Duo change my sign-in experience? 
  • Over time, most applications and web services at TTU will use Duo for enhanced security. Duo will eventually replace the text/phone call code verifications we currently use for multifactor authentication (MFA). 
  • When signing in to an application that is protected by Duo, you will still enter your eRaider username and password into the existing, approved web pages. Once you have signed in, Duo will require you to complete a method of second-factor authentication, typically by approving the sign-in through an app on your phone. 
  • You will receive instructions on installing the Duo app and enrolling in the Duo service a few days before deployment. This simple process should take less than 5 minutes to complete. 
  • Duo will not replace or require you to change your eRaider username and password. No one at Texas Tech University or anywhere else should ask for your password. eRaider password changes will continue to be managed by the eRaider Account Management System. Think of Duo as a layer of security added to your existing eRaider account. 
We will provide additional information about Duo’s implementation as the deployment date nears. You may find additional information online at For any questions or concerns, please contact IT Help Central at (806) 742-4357 (HELP) or via email at

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