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Make a splash at Sam's Place Poolside!
Sam’s Place Poolside is the coolest place on campus! They’re serving up fresh and delicious options right at the REC Center leisure pool.

Originator: Alan Cushman            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Arts & Entertainment 

Fall 2014- SBS Core Credit with NO Textbook required!
Save $ on books - SW 1300: WHY AND HOW OF SOCIAL SERVICES fulfills SBS core credit. Two sections available for fall 2014. Enjoy a lively semester examining range of services to promote human well-being & control behavior in society.

Originator: Laura Lowe            Posted On :   7/23/2014

We are looking for female participants for a research study on verbal fluency and taste preferences. You may receive up to $25 for your participation.

Originator: Gabriella Grimaldo            Posted On :   7/24/2014

Environmental Sustainability - Fall '14 - Online Graduate Course BIOL 6301-D01
Environmental Sustainability is being offered Fall 2014 as an online elective for graduate students across all related fields.

Originator: Deborah Carr            Posted On :   7/24/2014

University ID Office Website | Get Funds Coming Soon!
The University ID Office is making some changes to the functionality of its website in order for Red Raiders to better manage your accounts!

Originator: Alan Cushman            Posted On :   7/23/2014

EH&S Assistant Vice President Candidate Roe to Visit Campus
Matthew Roe, one of the four finalists for the newly created assistant vice president for environmental health and safety, will visit the Texas Tech campus on July 24.

Originator: Darby Sullivan            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Lectures & Seminars 

Submit your events to the Events@TexasTech calendar
If you're in need of more publicity for a Texas Tech event, submit your event to the university's official events calendar at, and it could be featured on all of the TVs around campus.

Originator: Kleigh Bedingfield            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Faculty/Staff Organization * Student Organization 

Competitive Scholarship FY 2015-2016
It is not too early to start preparing materials for upcoming scholarships supported by the Women's Studies Program. Available to undergraduate and graduate students.

Originator: Patricia Earl            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Academic * Departmental 

Call for Papers & Proposals
The Women's Studies Program presents the Annual All-University Conference on the Advancement of Women in Higher Education, April 16-18, 2015.

Originator: Patricia Earl            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Research * Academic * Departmental 

Movies@TheMuseum - Summer
Join us on Friday afternoons this summer for FREE movies!

Originator: Kenna Brannan            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Arts & Entertainment 

Animal Care and Use Generic Training for Fall Semester
Attention all animal handlers that have not attended ACUC Generic Training!!!

Originator: Karin Fritz            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Research * Academic 

Plant and Soil Science Tutors Needed for Fall 2014
Are you looking for a positive, unique, on-campus job that also helps you develop your skills working with a variety of people? Consider being a tutor with the TECHniques Center!

Originator: Brandi Schreiber            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Academic * Departmental * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Advertising Tutors Needed for Fall 2014!
Put your developing Mad Men skills to use and join a great tutoring team in the TECHniques Center this semester!

Originator: Brandi Schreiber            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Academic * Departmental * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Agricultural Communications Tutors Needed - Fall 2014
The TECHniques Center is scheduling interviews for our Fall 2014 positions, and we want YOU to apply!

Originator: Brandi Schreiber            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Academic * Departmental * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Upper Level Marketing Tutors Needed for Fall 2014!
Put your marketing skills to use and join a great tutoring team in the TECHniques Center!

Originator: Brandi Schreiber            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Academic * Departmental * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Energy Commerce Tutors Needed for Fall 2014!
Do you like to help others in a meaningful way? Would you like to develop a great resume item? Consider being a TECHniques Center tutor!

Originator: Brandi Schreiber            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Academic * Departmental * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Fall Course
What connects Darwin and Victorians to film and computers?
Answer: English 3308 Victorian Transformations—take the course and find out more (Fall T/Th: 11-12:20 OR 2-3:20 pm)

Originator: Alison Rukavina            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Research * Academic 

Transfer students! Meet friends and have fun on a race around campus!
RSVP for the Texas Tech Amazing Race today! Meet your fellow transfer students, learn more about Texas Tech, and win prizes!

Originator: Megan Ohlmann            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Arts & Entertainment * Student Organization 

Love dogs? Come to our "Putting on the Dog" exhibit reception
Attend the reception for "Putting on the Dog: The Dog as Subject in Fine Art Photography" on July 25 from 5:00-6:30 (come and go, casual) and help us observe the dog days of summer.

Originator: Jane Bell            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Arts & Entertainment * Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

NEW Student Spirit Organization Wants YOU!
Do you have a lot of school spirit? Do you love to yell Raiderrrrr Powerrrr? The TTU Wreckin' Crew is a new student organization currently recruiting all incoming and current Red Raiders.

Originator: Sydney Cox            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Student Organization 

Nutritional Epidemiology Class this fall!
Want to REALLY understand Nutrition & Health information in the media, scientific & clinical literature. Nutritional Epidemiology (NS 6320) is back in the Dept. of Nutritional Sciences taught by Dr. M. Binks. Please consider this course!

Originator: Martin Binks            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Academic * Departmental 

Graduate Minor in Cross-Cultural Studies (CCS)
The CCS Graduate Minor is supported by a multidisciplinary curriculum geared toward enhancing cross-cultural knowledge, skills, leadership, and lifetime professional success in a broad variety of traditional and non-traditional career paths.

Originator: Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Academic * Departmental * Student Organization 

Natural Resources Management Tutors Needed - Fall 2014
We want you to apply!

Originator: Brandi Schreiber            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Academic * Departmental * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Ladies--participate in an online survey and be entered to win a $200 gift card!
Researchers in the College of Media and Communication are looking for women (18+) to participate in a short survey about gender and lifestyle.

Originator: Nicole Lee            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Research * Academic 

WS 5360 Foundations of Women's Studies Offered (Fall 2014)
Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary program emphasizing critical thinking across disciplines.

Originator: Patricia Earl            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Academic * Departmental * Student Organization 

Texas Tech Department of Industrial Engineering is currently looking for university students to participate in an experimental game developed to gain an understanding in human economic behavior.

Originator: Leonidas Javier Guadalupe Herrera            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Research * Academic 

Fall Course: HIST-4305
Interested in the Rise of Modern America? What about films or graphic novels? Take HIST-4305-001 in Fall 2014 if you'd like to explore the development of the modern United States after the Civil War and Reconstruction (TR 2-3:20 PM).

Originator: Richard Driver            Posted On :   7/22/2014

Take a class where career development and personal fulfillment meet.
HUSC 3325 Comprehensive Wellness for the Adolescent is a course that focuses as much on learning and applying wellness concepts for adolescents as improving the life of the individual college student.

Originator: Gregory Johnston            Posted On :   7/22/2014
Academic * Departmental 

A study to learn more about preferred work schedules
Dr. Adam Brewer and Dr. Richman are conducting a study to learn more about preferred work schedules in individuals with and without ASD ages 18-30.

Originator: Adam Brewer            Posted On :   7/22/2014

Adults (18-25 years old) Needed for Research Study
If you are between the ages of 18-25, please consider participating in our study, “Biobehavioral studies on reactivity to activity transitions in individuals with autism-spectrum disorders relative to control participants.”

Originator: Adam Brewer            Posted On :   7/22/2014

Read stories, play games and change the life of a child while receiving your work study stipend, plus earn an additional scholarship for school.

Originator: DAWN Burke            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Academic * Student Employment/Career Opportunities * Orientation 

Graduate level course offered in Fall 2014: PUAD 5352, Public Policy Analysis
This course introduces various tools, techniques and methods for analyzing public policies, examines policy choices, given resource and other constrains.

Originator: Irasema Ibarra            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Academic * Departmental 

FALL COURSE in Social Basis for Behavior
EPSY 6349 is an advanced course in human social and personality development. Broad topics and present research applications are covered.

Originator: Mohja Jerbi            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Academic * Departmental 

Research Study on Family Experience of Addiction Recovery ($25 Compensation)
A research study is being conducted on the recovery experiences of non-addicted family members of addicts. Participants must be between the ages of 18-65, must have no substance dependence themselves.

Originator: Samantha Curtis            Posted On :   7/23/2014

Interested in film or U.S. foreign relations?
A new history course, U.S. Foreign Relations through Film (HIST 4310), has opened up for the fall 2014.

Originator: Brittany Moses            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Academic * Departmental 

Texas State Climatologist to speak at Texas Tech University
Are you interested in learning about climate and the future of natural resources? Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas State Climatologist, will give a public lecture entitled “Conserving the Future: Man and Nature in a Changing World.”

Originator: Reynaldo Patino            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Lectures & Seminars 

Scholarships for Veterans and their Families
Military & Veterans Programs is awarding scholarships to Veterans and their family members.

Originator: Ryan Van Dusen            Posted On :   7/22/2014
Academic * Departmental * Student Organization 

Raider Red Meats
We are open all summer and have great specials on all the beef, pork and lamb in stock!
Cheapest Ground Beef in town!

Originator: Leonard Corliss            Posted On :   7/22/2014

Dr. Donald Dyal's Retirement Reception
Dean Dyal to retire.

Originator: Pamela Roberson            Posted On :   7/22/2014
Arts & Entertainment 

French movie: Les Indigènes - Free
The French film "Les Indigènes" will be shown Wed July 23 at 7 pm in the Qualia Room, in the basement level of the Foreign Languages Building. Admission is Free to all

Originator: JOE Price            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Arts & Entertainment 

2014 Back to School Fiesta
BTSF is an educational resource fair that promotes higher education to K-12 students and their families. The Office of Community Engagement is currently seeking volunteers to be part of the 15th annual Back to School Fiesta.

Originator: RaShawd Soloman            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Arts & Entertainment * Orientation 

Replacement Student ID’s are $15.00
Effective September 1, 2014
Click above for more information.

Originator: Rodrick Thomas            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Academic * Departmental 

2014-2015 Service Learning Faculty Fellows and Mentors
The Service Learning Program is proud to announce the 2014-2015 Service Learning Faculty Fellows and Mentors.

Originator: Kimberly Leigh            Posted On :   7/23/2014
Academic * Departmental * Teaching, Learning & Professional Development Center 

Barnes and Noble at Texas Tech is Hiring For Fall Rush
We are looking for Booksellers to interact with faculty and students on a daily basis. We are hiring Red Raiders who are customer service oriented and have a flexible schedule. Please apply today if you can start working on or before 8/1!

Originator: LUCY FOWLER            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Are you engaged or recently married and want to build a strong foundation for your marriage? Attend our pre-marital workshop and you will receive a $60 voucher to apply toward your marriage license fees!

Originator: Olivia Hamlin            Posted On :   7/24/2014
Lectures & Seminars