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Chemical Hygiene Plan Training Deadline Aug. 31

The Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) assessment for all faculty, staff and students who work with chemicals and/or hazards in Texas Tech laboratories, studios, shops and other facilities is now available on the Environmental Health & Safety online training Web page. The short, open-book assessment is meant to verify those individuals have reviewed the revised CHP.

Once you have signed in to the online training site with your eRaider information, scroll down to the Chemical Hygiene Plan Training section and click the “Start Training” link. Read the CHP sections and then be sure to follow the instructions to close your browser and sign back in before taking the “Final Exam.”

EH&S will work with laboratory and workplace managers to make sure their groups have completed the assessment. Deadlines are:

• Aug. 31 for current faculty, staff and students

• Oct. 1 of first year for anyone joining the university after Aug. 15, 2013

The revision to the plan was completed early this year. It clearly defines roles, responsibilities and procedures around laboratory and workplace safety. The revised CHP is posted on the EH&S website at

If there are have questions about the CHP or the assessment, call EH&S at (806) 742-3876.


Sally Post


VP Research