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FYE 2021 Timeline
FY 2021 Year-End Deadlines

Originator: Robin Grosz            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Academic * Departmental * Banner News and Tips for Employees 

Parents of 4th to 6th graders needed for a research study. Up to $240 for family
Are you a parent of a 4th to 6th grader? Are you interested in learning about emotion and academic achievement development for your child? Join us in the Development of Emotions and School Achievement Study at Texas Tech, and get paid up to $240!

Originator: Zhe Wang            Posted On :   7/27/2021

The Emotionally Intelligent Mindset via Zoom
Join us for The Emotionally Intelligent Mindset where we’ll learn strategies to help us deal positively with our own emotions and how to navigate the emotions of others so we can enjoy constructive, healthy relationships.

Originator: MaClay Buie            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Academic * Departmental 

Fall 2021 -- Enroll in VPA 5300: The Digital Humanities in the Arts
Expand your understanding of corpus-driven methods in arts research with VPA 5300: The Digital Humanities in the Arts. Satisfies the philosophy/elective requirements of the FADP core curriculum and the Interdisciplinary Arts graduate certificate.

Originator: David Sears            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Summer Learning Series: IN-PERSON Aches and Pains for the 9-5 by Rec Sports
In this session, you'll practice simple exercises you can use at the office, in your home or even while traveling. Don't let your good intentions get sidelined by a busy schedule or limited access to the gym!

Originator: MaClay Buie            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Academic * Departmental 

LAST CHANCE FOR: Payroll deduction with No down payment - REC SPORTS Membership
To purchase a Rec Sports Membership using Payroll Deduction without a down payment ends Friday, July 30th. All Membership must be done in person in the Main Office during business hours. Please see for hours.

Originator: Deborah L Green            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Research study: 16-Week Weight Loss Program
Seeking research subjects for 16-week weight loss study. Total possible compensation $310. ALL learn practical weight loss strategies. Some receive FDA approved medicine for weight loss. Call/email if interested: 806-742-5194,

Originator: Chelsi Webster            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Fall 2021: CHIN3306 Chinese Culture (Asynchronous Online Course)
Explore Chinese culture and civilization which has lasted for over 3,000 years in recorded history.

Originator: Yanlin Wang            Posted On :   7/23/2021

Join Our Team - Become an Advancement Ambassador
Apply to become an Advancement Ambassador. We are looking for students who are motivated, enthusiastic, love Texas Tech, and want to connect with alumni and friends of the university.

Originator: Blake Hardesty            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

FREE Peer-Led Review Sessions - Chemistry & Math!
Supplemental Instruction this Summer in Math and Chemistry. SI sessions are free, peer-led review sessions for historically difficult courses.

Originator: Sarah Damron            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Join Our Course and Enhance Your Professional Profile as a Problem Solver
PRAG 5301 **ANY GRADUATE MAJOR**As the oldest form of logic, semiotic helps you make sense of the world around you by showing how facts and data are related. Every object, thought, idea or concept can be connected to other entities using this theory.

Originator: Brianna Sanchez            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Research Participants Needed
We are looking for Queer Latinx Men to participate in a study on their experiences on a college campus.

Originator: Andrew Herridge            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Accepting Applications for the Institute for Inclusive Excellence
The TLPDC, in collaboration with the Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, is pleased to announce that applications are being accepted for the 2021-2022 Institute for Inclusive Excellence.

Originator: Erika Brooks-Hurst            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Academic * Departmental 

Promote your event for Family Weekend and Family Days
Call for event submissions for Family Days this fall.

Originator: Morgan Brannon            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Arts & Entertainment * Departmental 

Need ONE more credit hour? Register NOW for PFI 4101
DO NOT graduate from Texas Tech without taking PFI 4101! Are you looking for a one-hour course designed to teach you about job searching, employee benefits, taxes, investing options, and insurance? Well, we have the course for you!

Originator: Jennifer Wilson            Posted On :   7/23/2021

Save the Date for Tech Advantage
Staff Senate is excited to announce the 2021 Tech Advantage Vendor Fair.

Originator: Moriah Herrera            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Faculty/Staff Organization 

Want to know more about the Enneagram Gut (Type 8,9,1) Triad?
Join us for a 30-minute Happy Half Hour discussion focused on the Gut Triad (Types 8,9,1) of the Enneagram. Your place to ask questions and hear from these types directly!

Originator: MaClay Buie            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Academic * Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Hospitality Services is hiring for fall 2021!
Hiring Computer Support, Set Up Crew, Bartender, and Food Service Worker positions. Now hiring at $9.00/hour! Apply now at

Originator: Dee Nguyen            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Summer Faculty Search Committee Training Workshops
Recent revisions to the TTU OP on Faculty Recruitment require all faculty search committee members to attend a half-day Workshop hosted by the Office of Institutional Diversity, which has scheduled virtual Workshops during Summer 2021.

Originator: Paul Ruiz            Posted On :   7/26/2021
Academic * Departmental 

Intro to Language: A Fun and Easy Course to Fulfill SBS Core Requirement
Looking for a fun and easy course to fulfill Social and Behavioral Sciences Core requirement? If so, take ENGL 2370 "Introduction to Language" in Fall 2021!

Originator: Min-Joo Kim            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Join Our Team & Make an Impact!
Supplemental Instruction (SI) is hiring for the Fall 2021 Semester!

Originator: Carly Allman            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

The Learning Center is HIRING!
We are looking for the next great tutor!

Originator: Pat Bohn            Posted On :   7/26/2021

Do you need a Fall 2021 LPC/HUMANITIES credit?
This course is for 1st & 2nd year students. It includes weekly lectures from a diverse array of humanities disciplines and departments, offering multiple perspectives and shared topics and allowing students to sample methods.

Originator: Justin Hughes            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Academic * Departmental 

If you decide to participate in the study, you will receive a $50 gift card the first day of your participation, and another $50 gift card one week later. Interested participants should contact or call/text (806) 464-0098

Originator: Dana Benavides            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Faculty and Staff Move-In Volunteers
Come volunteer with TTU Move-In Week!

Originator: Katie Ericson            Posted On :   7/26/2021

Paid Research Participants Needed for Online Study
Seeking participants for an online study concerning how people perceive interactions within a social setting. Participants will receive $12 for up to 30 minutes of their time.

Originator: Keith Jones            Posted On :   7/26/2021

Raider Red Meats is Hiring
Raider Red Meats is Hiring Student Assistants to work in the retail store and restaurant

Originator: Adrian Rodriguez            Posted On :   7/26/2021
Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Research Study on Undocumented Undergraduate and Graduate Student Experiences
Undocumented students are needed to participate in a research study about their college experiences. A $25 gift card will be provided. Interested students, please contact Connie Brown at or 806.778.6186

Originator: CONNIE A Brown            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Knowing another language and appreciating other cultures—these are skills that last a lifetime.

Originator: Stephanie Santos            Posted On :   7/23/2021

New: Add a Business Minor to your Master’s Program!
Rawls now offers a Business Minor for TTU graduate students pursuing a Master’s degree.

Originator: Alan Smith            Posted On :   7/23/2021

Master of Science in Finance
Earn your Master of Science in Finance in just one year!

Originator: Alan Smith            Posted On :   7/23/2021

IT Help Central is Hiring Student Assistants
IT Help Central is taking applications for Student Assistant positions for Fall 2021.

Originator: IT Help Central            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Online Learning and Digital Literacy Skills
An online research study is looking for individuals who are online active social media users.

Originator: Stephanie Rincon            Posted On :   7/26/2021

Looking for a job on campus this semester? TSI is seeking Student Assistants!
Are you a junior or senior looking for an on-campus job with competitive pay? The Texas Success Initiative is in search of student assistants to aid with TSI literacy courses!

Originator: Erin Engelhardt            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Credit Card Service Fee Update
Beginning August 1, 2021, the credit card service fee will increase to 2.85% and will apply to student account payments made via credit card on or after that date.

Originator: Jessica Arroyo            Posted On :   7/26/2021

Student Involvement seeks a Graduate Assistant
The office of Student Involvement in the Center for Campus Life is seeking an energetic and motivated graduate student to become our next Graduate Assistant.

Originator: Amy Prause            Posted On :   7/23/2021
Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

NEW!! Earn your fitness credit with this course!
Earn your fitness credit by enrolling in Holistic Health and Fitness Course number 1103. You will be learning and conducting the Army's doctrinal approach to Holistic Fitness.

Originator: Mayela Ramirez            Posted On :   7/27/2021

A message from the mysterious nation of Bassanda: join our Band!
The TTU Celtic Ensemble (a/k/a The Elegant Savages Orchestra) seeking singers, players, dancers, cosplayers, gamers, coders, LARPers, actors, history buffs, and media specialists!

Originator: Chris Smith            Posted On :   7/26/2021
Arts & Entertainment 

Seminar: Music & American Radical Politics, Fall 2021: open to all
TR 12:30-1:50pm. UG/Grad from across campus. Music, culture, revolutions, resistance, discourse, meaning. Timely topic, huh?

Originator: Chris Smith            Posted On :   7/26/2021
Lectures & Seminars 

Series I is now up and complete for streaming & sharing!

Originator: Chris Smith            Posted On :   7/26/2021
Arts & Entertainment 

FALL PSY 5357 Seminar in Psycholinguistics
Offered Fall 2021, this seminar will overview the major topics in psycholinguistics, including hands-on applications in text analytics, sentiment analysis, and machine learning.

Originator: Roman Taraban            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Work Study Positions Available at the Burkhart Transition Academy
The Burkhart Center for Autism Education & Research is now hiring student assistants for the fall semester to work directly with young adults with autism

Originator: Susan Voland            Posted On :   7/26/2021
Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Complete Psychology Research Study, Get $25
Adults (aged 18-59 years) are invited to participate in a paid, in-person study about how the nervous system responds to computerized auditory tasks. The study will be completed in one session lasting 2 hours or less. Participants will receive $25.

Originator: Lucas Hess            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Need a core credit for Social and Behavioral Sciences and Multicultural course?
GEOG 2300 and 2351 both count for the above credits. 2300 is Human Geography and looks at all of the ways humans impact Earth. 2351 is Regional Geography of the World and looks at humans and the environment through a regional lens.

Originator: Linda Jones            Posted On :   7/22/2021

Need a Language? Consider a Critical Language
The U.S. government has designated certain languages to be critical to our national security and prosperity. TTU offers Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Originator: Erin Collopy            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Position Announcement: Graduate Coordinator for Recruitment and Admissions
The School of Theatre and Dance seeks to immediately fill the full-time position of Graduate Coordinator for Recruitment and Admissions (requisition number 24793BR). Please direct inquiries to Dr. Andrew Gibb at

Originator: Andrew Gibb            Posted On :   7/23/2021

1 Credit Course for First-Year Students
Need a 1 credit course that will help you be successful in your transition to Texas Tech? Add RRP 1100 First Year Seminar to your Fall schedule!

Originator: Diana Wilkinson            Posted On :   7/27/2021

In just one year, gain the business skills you need to get the job you want.

Originator: Alan Smith            Posted On :   7/26/2021

Master of Science in Data Science
Earn your Master of Science in Data Science in just one year!

Originator: Alan Smith            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Learn more about teaching and extension. Learn about FCSE!
Become an educator who can make a difference! Register for FCSE 2102-001 (10969): Introduction to FCS to learn more about Family and Consumer Sciences Education.

Originator: Ashlee Murden            Posted On :   7/26/2021

Seminar in Business Leadership
It’s not too late to sign up for Chancellor Emeritus Hance’s Leadership Seminar! Get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from his experiences and have the chance to meet guests like
Ginger Kerrick and Steve Papermaster! CN 4100 CRN 39572.

Originator: Joshua Geesling            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Lectures & Seminars * Academic 

RA Interested in Equity Research Needed for NSF-ADVANCE Grant
Research assistant needed for NSF-ADVANCE grant project: Advancing Equity through Systemic Strategies to Improve Leadership, Departmental Collegiality, and Data Transparency at TTU.

Contact Dr. Stephanie J. Jones at

Originator: STEPHANIE J Jones            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Research * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Healthy men and women aged >18 years with or without documented prior COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) infection are needed. COVID infection/re-infection incidence is being assessed, and biological and behavioral correlates of infection/reinfection evaluated.

Originator: Nazura Chowdhury            Posted On :   7/26/2021

Is Your Child Experiencing Bullying? Free Therapy Services for Grades 2-8
The TTU Peer Relations Clinic is currently conducting a research study providing free therapy services to children and adolescents affected by bullying and other peer difficulties.

Originator: John Cooley            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Certain graduating seniors may qualify for a $1,000 tuition rebate from the State of Texas. You must apply to be considered. Applications are due 4:00 pm, Thursday, August 05, 2021.

Originator: Jessica Arroyo            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Academic * Departmental