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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Deployment at Texas Tech University
During the fall and spring semesters, TTU will transition to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint as the University’s end-point security solution.

Originator: IT Help Central            Posted On :   10/21/2021
IT Announcements * Departmental 

Earn a One- or Two-Year Master of Science in Biotechnology!

Originator: Shannon Sears            Posted On :   10/21/2021

CROSS-CULTURAL STUDIES PROGRAM-Graduate Minor & Graduate Certificate
The CCS program is supported by a multidisciplinary curriculum geared toward enhancing cross-cultural knowledge, skills, leadership, and lifetime professional success in a broad variety of traditional and non-traditional career paths.

Originator: Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Academic * Departmental 

Planning to submit a Fulbright Scholar application? We are here to help you!
TTU-Fulbright Liaisons are available to provide faculty and staff/admin with detailed information about the different Fulbright programs, application process and guidelines.

Originator: Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Research * Academic * Departmental 

FREE Peer-Led Review Session - Face to Face, On Campus!
Supplemental Instructions sessions are for help with typically difficult courses! We offer a large selection of peer sessions in Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Biology, Math, and Mechanical Engineering.

Originator: Sarah Damron            Posted On :   10/21/2021

Coffee Breaks via Zoom!
A new way to develop professionally through micro-learning, 30 minute sessions. Come share your coffee break with us and learn something new while you're at it!

Originator: MaClay Buie            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Academic * Departmental 

Seeking full-time undergraduate students who feel sad/depressed
Opportunity for a $25 gift card! Looking for U.S. citizens who may be sad or depressed to participate in an online survey about social relationships, activities, and mental health experiences sometimes faced by college students now or in the past.

Originator: Sarah Sparks            Posted On :   10/21/2021

Zoom Philosophy Colloquium this Friday: Dr. Isidora Stojanovic
Dr. Stojanovic (Institute Jean Nicod, Paris) will give a Zoom colloquium entitled "Exploring valence in aesthetic judgments." Friday 10/22, 4pm. For Zoom link, email

Originator: Francesca Di Poppa            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Arts & Entertainment * Lectures & Seminars 

TODAY! Majors & Minors Fair in the Student Union Building
Uncertain about what major to choose? Chosen a major but are unsure? Confident in your choice of a major and interested in adding a major, minor or certificate? Join the M&M Fair Event!

Originator: Emma Stonum            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Arts & Entertainment * Academic 

LIFE-LOVE-MONEY! How cool does that sound?
Register for PFI 1305 – Life, Love, and Money! This course is exactly how it sounds – learn how to invest your time and money to strike the right balance in your life and relationship! This is the best course to learn how to invest in yourself!

Originator: Jennifer Wilson            Posted On :   10/21/2021

Are you a Native American, First Nations, or Indigenous student?
Join the Native American & Indigenous People's Heritage Month Committee, meeting every Thursday from 5-6.

Originator: Gil Caley            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Student Organization 

Master of Science in Marketing Research and Analytics
Learn the latest techniques for analyzing data as it pertains to marketing research!

Originator: Kamryn Birk            Posted On :   10/21/2021

NEW Accelerated BBA to Master of Science in Finance.
All Finance majors. Begin taking graduate courses your senior year and apply up to 9 hours of graduate coursework toward your undergraduate degree! Questions? Contact

Originator: Kamryn Birk            Posted On :   10/21/2021

Mizin Shin: School of Art Race & Social Justice in the Arts Speaker Series
School of Art presents artist Mizin Shin’s, “Spoken and Seen: UseYourVoice #StopAsianHate” (via Zoom) in the School of Art Race & Social Justice in the Arts Speaker Series.

Originator: Dani Marshall            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Arts & Entertainment * Lectures & Seminars 

Get Your Tickets to "Bike America" by Mike Lew
The School of Theatre & Dance presents "Bike America" by Mike Lew, playing in-person and virtually, October 21-24. Join Penny and her fellow riders as they bike across America on a journey that is both comic and enlightening.

Originator: Cory Norman            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Arts & Entertainment 

JUSTUS BROZEK: Instructions, Outcomes, and Inconsistencies
TTU School of Art MFA Lecture
Monday, November 29th 7:00 PM. MCoM Room #270

Originator: Dani Marshall            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Lectures & Seminars 

HURIEH HERAVI: Between Despair and Hope.
TTU School of Art MFA Lecture
Tuesday, November 30th 7:00 PM, MCoM Building Room #270

Originator: Dani Marshall            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Lectures & Seminars 

Join the Techsan Wind Team!
The CWC is a DOE sponsored event where eleven teams compete to see who can create the best prototype, project, and community outreach plan. Needed majors range from Wind Energy and Engineering to Business and PR. Email for info

Originator: Declan Sackett            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Student Organization 

The Symbology of Death: Tombstone Interpretation at Lubbock Cemetery
An introduction to speaking the language of death. Together we’ll visit the third largest cemetery in Texas. There we’ll identify and interpret the meanings behind tombstone design and symbology, revealing the stories etched in stone all around us.

Originator: Garret Langlois            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Arts & Entertainment * Lectures & Seminars * Student Organization 

Interested in Web Design?
The Rawls Graduate Association is looking for individuals who are proficient or excited to learn more about web design to redesign our website.

Originator: Sai Pranathi Bingi            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Student Organization * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

New Undergraduate Research Opportunity- TrUE Scholars!
TrUE Scholars is a program that supports students doing Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, funds research, and awards the “Mark of the Matador” to empower the pursuit of educational and professional endeavors. Application is open now!

Originator: Ryleigh Carson            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Academic * Student Organization 

Big 12 LGBTQIA & Allies Summit - Call for Proposals
The 5th Annual Big 12 LGBTQIA & Allies Summit is accepting proposals for educational sessions. We invite both practice-based and research-based educational presentations. We also welcome all queer research either in progress or completed.

Originator: Matt Hernandez            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Lectures & Seminars * Departmental 

The Learning Center is HIRING for MATH1330, CE, and ACCT!
We are looking for the next great tutor(s)!

Originator: Pat Bohn            Posted On :   10/21/2021

IT employees needed for office environment study
Are you interested in helping us understand how your IT office environment affects work outcomes? Once you finish the online survey, you will be entered into a drawing in which five participants will win a $10 Amazon gift card.

Originator: Huili Wang            Posted On :   10/21/2021

Earn money to get Nutrition Education on DASH diets.
Persons with Type 2 Diabetes needed!

Originator: Shin Shan Cho            Posted On :   10/21/2021


Originator: Samantha Luna            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Academic * Departmental 

Red Raider Army ROTC looking for Sophomores
The Department of Military Science (Army ROTC) is looking for qualified Sophomore students. We have a $5,000 bonus if you attend summer camp in the summer of 2022 (subject to availability every year, and meeting requirements).

Originator: Mayela Ramirez            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Academic * Departmental 

Patrick Rosal Reading from Atang and a Conversation about Reading in Translation
What does it mean to be multilingual? How do you understand translation? How often do we translate, do we read something that has been translated? Join us for a virtual conversation with Patrick Rosal to discuss these issues.

Originator: Curtis Bauer            Posted On :   10/20/2021
Arts & Entertainment * Lectures & Seminars * Academic 

Study Abroad in Rome! Infosession Friday
Class capped at 15 students. First 12 guaranteed a spot. Then waitlist.

Originator: John Poch            Posted On :   10/20/2021

Study Sociology/Criminology abroad in Spain during Summer I, 2022!!!
SUMMER I, 2022! OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS AND IS DESIGNED FOR ALL CLASSIFICATIONS, including graduate students. Live in Spain for 4.5 weeks & earn 6 hours of Criminology/Sociology credit

Originator: IGNACIO LUIS Ramirez            Posted On :   10/20/2021

Cybersecurity Strategy for Small Business Owners and Managers
Join us on October 26th at 10 AM for this free webinar designed to help small business owners and manager understand how to build an action plan for a more cyber resilient business.

Originator: Huey Lee            Posted On :   10/21/2021
Small Business Development Center