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Do you have a high Dining Bucks Balance in your On-Campus Dining Plan?
So students don't lose their Dining Bucks, you can roll unused Dining Bucks to your next on-campus living contract. Dining Bucks do not roll to an off-campus/commuter dining plan and they are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Originator: Alan Cushman            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Arts & Entertainment 

Student Organizations - Have you recently transitioned officers?
If your student organization has recently transitioned officers were you informed as to whether or not you receive funding from SGA? If you are not sure check the spreadsheet on the SGA website.

Originator: Katherine Taylor            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Departmental * Student Organization 

Need to Renew Rec Membership after 5?
Now you can purchase or renew a Rec membership at the North Entrance from 5-8, Monday thru Friday, except during Interim or Holidays.

Originator: Deborah L Green            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Rec Sports Programming 

International Students Needed For Study
We are looking for International Students to participate in a research study on their experiences in a college campus.

Originator: Andrew Herridge            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Wanna Dunk? Play Low Hoop Basketball!
Register NOW thru May 1 for the Intramural Low Hoop Basketball Tourney on IMLeagues or the mobile app, IMLeagues.

Originator: Brett Jackson            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Departmental * Student Organization * Rec Sports Programming 

FREE Peer-Led Review Sessions with SI
Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides weekly, peer-led review sessions to students enrolled in historically difficult courses.

Originator: Ashton Moore            Posted On :   4/23/2019

See your Study Abroad Counselor before leaving campus
Meet with your Counselor before leaving for the summer!

Originator: Whitney Longnecker            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Study on Parent-Adolescent Communication about Sexual Assault
We are looking for parents of adolescents ages 10 to 17 for an online study about parents’ communication with their children about sexual assault. The survey takes 30-40 minutes. Participants will be entered for a chance to win 1 of 5 $25 prizes.

Originator: Miriam Lieway            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Research study: 16-Week Weight Loss Program
Seeking research subjects for 16-week weight loss study. Total possible compensation $310. ALL learn practical weight loss strategies. Some receive FDA approved medicine for weight loss. Call/email if interested: 806-742-5194,

Originator: Wei-Lin Huang            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Mother’s Day Sale 2019
Hello Red Raiders, your Raider Floral and Events team will have a special Mother’s Day 10“ Terra coda plastic pot with mixed annuals and perennials. This will be available for preorders starting April 09, 2019 until May 01, 2019.

Originator: Raider Floral & Events            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Paid Research Participants Needed
We are seeking adult participants for an in-person study on personality and experiences with food. Participants will be paid $10 for a 40 minute session.

Originator: Mindi Price            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Help Students Celebrate with YOUR Swag!
TTU Financial Aid & Scholarships gives away scholarships and resource bags to current and prospective students as part of our monthly drawing.

Originator: Laura Scott            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Graduate course on poverty and human development HDFS 6363-002 (CRN 37876)
Interested in learning about how poverty impacts human development? This graduate seminar will provide an overview of theories and research regarding the causes and consequences of poverty for individuals and families.

Originator: Monica Martin            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Now accepting 2019 Distinguished Staff Awards nominations
We invite you to nominate outstanding staff members who have demonstrated excellence, leadership, and exemplary service to Texas Tech.

Originator: Stephanie West            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Academic * Departmental 

Need to know a little more about how to manage your money?
Introduction to Personal Finance will teach you the basics about student loans, as well as other forms of borrowing, investing, and financial protection! Learn the basics of funding your education and paying it back! Register for PFI 3301!

Originator: Jennifer Wilson            Posted On :   4/23/2019

OLLI Presents “Guiding Children Through Media” May 7 at 5:30 p.m.
OLLI Presents “Guiding Children Through Media” May 7 at 5:30 p.m. at Texas Tech Plaza (1901 University Avenue), Room 218.
Cost is $15 for OLLI members. Must enroll at Questions? Call 806-742-6554.

Originator: Tina Crowson            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Academic * Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Universal what?
Join EHS for a workshop on universal waste - what it is, how to package and label for pick up and how to submit pick up requests. Lunch provided for registrants.

Originator: Heather Coats            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Lectures & Seminars * Departmental 

Got Waste?
Join EHS for the 5th Safe-Science Series covering all things lab waste management. FREE lunch for those who register by April 29th.

Originator: Heather Coats            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Lectures & Seminars * Academic * Departmental 

Students - looking for work?
Environmental Health & Safety is hiring for student workers. Flexible scheduling, $7-10 an hour, independent work. Apply today!

Originator: Heather Coats            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Bring your kids out to the National Ranching Heritage Center for Quailapalooza!
Come learn about Bobwhite Quail and the science behind this treasured rangeland creature.

Originator: Cari Whittenburg            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Arts & Entertainment 

May Masterworks Finale: Haydn, The Creation, May 11/7:30PM, Hemmle Recital Hall
Please join us for the Lubbock Chorale's May Masterworks finale concert, on Saturday, May 11, 2019, at 7:30 PM in Hemmle Recital Hall of the TTU School of Music. Tickets are available at Select-A-Seat, 806-770-2000, or

Originator: Susan San Francisco            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Arts & Entertainment 

In just one year gain the business skills you need to get the job you want. The deadline is approaching fast! Make sure to submit your Summer applications by May 1st.

Originator: Cami Mancia            Posted On :   4/23/2019

TTU Surplus Warehouse Sale
TTU Surplus Warehouse will have a Sale on April 24th.

Originator: Todd Smith            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Free Bike Clinic TOMORROW!
Does your bike need a tune-up or registration? Come by the Free Speech Area Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to have the OPC's Bike Tech look over your bike, register your bike for free with Transportation & Parking, get snacks, and more!

Originator: Stacy Stockard            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Arts & Entertainment * Departmental 

PLAY / SING / DANCE with the TTU Celtic Ensemble & Elegant Savages Orchestra
The TTU Celtic Ensemble is recruiting for Fall 2019!

Originator: Chris Smith            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Lectures & Seminars 

Recruiting for protein shake study--$60 compensation
This is a 13-week study with 5 visits. You will get free health information about metabolism, body fat, and muscle mass. Participants in protein group will drink 2 protein shakes a day. All participants will receive up to $60 as compensation.

Originator: Nadeeja Wijayatunga            Posted On :   4/23/2019

RHIM Majors Needed for Fall 2019 Tutor Positions
Upper level RHIM majors, we need you! Are you interested in helping fellow students in your field? Are you looking for a positive, well-paying part time position on campus? Come work with us at the TECHniques Center!

Originator: Kyla Shannon            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

"Healing in the Arts" Performance
We are proud to support the hard work and dedication of the members of "Healing in the Arts" by hosting a special performance for our 35th Annual Conference on Women on the campus of Texas Tech University.

Originator: Tricia Earl            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Research * Academic * Departmental 

XSEDE HPC Workshop: MPI - May 6-7, 2019
The High Performance Computing Center is hosting a remote classroom for May's XSEDE HPC Workshop Series on MPI. This workshop is intended to give C and Fortran programmers a hands-on introduction to MPI programming.

Originator: Chris Turner            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Research * Lectures & Seminars * Academic 

Women Interested in Weight Loss Needed!
The Nutritional Science Department is recruiting healthy women ages 18-44 years old to eat the breakfasts provided for 2 weeks. Questionnaires and blood draw will be involved on 2 days of the 2 weeks.

Originator: Yaqiong Zhu            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Tournament for Heroes
Support Veterans and Play Golf! Sponsors and players needed so sign up today!

Originator: Ikaika Iuta            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Departmental Events * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Daily Toreador Ad Staff - Now Hiring
We're looking for motivated students who enjoy working with people to get paid for selling print and digital advertising for The Daily Toreador.

Originator: Andrea Watson            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Student Organization * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

TODAY: PLAY Speakers Series presents VIDEO GAME EXPERTS
Researchers from the Learning Games Initiative Research Archive will present a lecture in conjunction with the current exhibit at the TTU Museum.

Originator: Justin Hughes            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Arts & Entertainment * Lectures & Seminars 

Art Majors needed for a VR study
Researchers are recruiting participants with expertise in art for a study about creativity. The full study takes less than 30 minutes.

Originator: Francesco Donato            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Looking for a Graduate Course to Take in the Intersession?
WS 5340.201, Feminism through the Lens: Documentary films, feminism and social change.

Originator: Tricia Earl            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Venha falar Português com a gente!
Opportunity to practice Portuguese and meet new people every Monday and Wednesday at lunchtime.

Originator: Karina Oliveira De Paula            Posted On :   4/23/2019

The University Writing Center
Feeling the end of semester pinch? Come by the University Writing Center and get some help on those final writing assignments to finish off the semester strong. Wreck 'em!

Originator: Dustin Florence            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Fall 2019 course: Beginning Chinese language
Do you know learning Chinese language will improve your job prospects in the government and many businesses?

Originator: Yanlin Wang            Posted On :   4/23/2019

Research Participants Needed
Earn up to $200 and Learn Body-Mind Training for Free

Originator: Gavin Ueland            Posted On :   4/23/2019

April Faculty Research Club-Thursday at 4PM
The Faculty Research Club provides a social setting to stimulate interdisciplinary research collaborations, promote informal discussions, and disseminate information to faculty while providing a free glass of wine and snacks for researchers.

Originator: Dustin Delano            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Research * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Fall 2019 Musicology course: The Worlds of Frank Zappa
Is that a Sears poncho or what?

Originator: Chris Smith            Posted On :   4/23/2019
Lectures & Seminars 

Summer19: Retail Global Sourcing (CRN: 70960, 3 Credits, Online Course)
Over 97% of today's apparel/footwear products are globally sourced. In this course, you will learn the step-by-step procedures of global retail sourcing decisions. Contact Dr. Catherine Jai for more class information.

Originator: Catherine Jai            Posted On :   4/22/2019

Morning persons needed to deliver The Daily Toreador to our campus locations for the 2019-2020 school year. 6-15 hours per week. Must have a good driving record and insurance. Apply at and click on work for us.

Originator: Susan Peterson            Posted On :   4/22/2019
Student Organization * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Imagery of Sounds
Enjoy the Ensemble Bravura, conducted by Philip Mann, featuring the School of Music's director, Kim Walker as a guest artist on bassoon. University Symphony Orchestra will be performing Brahms’ Symphony No. 1, conducted by guest Monzer Hourani!

Originator: Patrick Hutchison            Posted On :   4/22/2019
Arts & Entertainment