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Introduction to Personal Finance offers skills to help students navigate the financial world... for life! This course covers topics like basic financial concepts, borrowing, investing, and protection. Register for PFI 3301!

Originator: Jennifer Wilson            Posted On :   11/17/2017

REMINDER - AY ‘16/’17 Raiders Engaged Assessment Open for Entries!
Faculty and Staff are asked to submit information on their Outreach and Engagement Activities by December 1.

Originator: Kelsey Frazier            Posted On :   11/17/2017
Academic * Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Graduate Seminar: How to Counter Toxic Threats
The course is one hour interactive class that discusses different threats, ie, chemical, biological, ballistics, and their countermeasures. There will be opportunity to have hands-on experience on how to counter toxic oil spills.

Originator: SESHADRI S Ramkumar            Posted On :   11/16/2017

Study in Spain this summer and fulfill your Creative Arts Core Requirement!
Musicians and non-musicians alike are invited to apply for the Music of Spain Study Abroad program at the Texas Tech University Center in Seville, Spain. Fulfill your Creative Arts Core Curriculum requirement in Spain!

Originator: Eric Fried            Posted On :   11/16/2017

Study Law, Crime, & Terrorism in Spain, Summer I, 2018 (May 19 to June 18)
Live in Spain for 4 weeks this summer and earn 3 hours of Sociology credit learning about law, cross-national crime trends, & terrorism! OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS, including undergraduate & graduate students.

Originator: IGNACIO LUIS Ramirez            Posted On :   11/16/2017

Get All Fired Up: Enroll for Beginning Metal and Jewelry Design ART 3333
The School of Art is accepting students for enrollment in Beginning Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing ART 3333. Non-art majors may enroll; prerequisites may be waived for dedicated, motivated students.

Originator: Nancy Slagle            Posted On :   11/17/2017

Online Dance Appreciation Offered Summer I
Online Dance Appreciation fulfills the TTU Creative Arts core requirement.

Originator: Ali Duffy            Posted On :   11/17/2017

Refer a student to Texas Tech
Alumni, parents and friends of Texas Tech University play an important role in bringing talented students to the university. We encourage you to refer outstanding prospective students to us.

Originator: Hunter Johnston            Posted On :   11/17/2017
Academic * Departmental 

Need a science course? Don't want to pay for a textbook?
Geography 1401 is a lab science core curriculum class that uses a free online textbook. The course studies the environment, climate and land-forms.

Originator: Linda Jones            Posted On :   11/16/2017

Need a multicultural or Behavioral or Social Science core curriculum course?
GEOG 2300 Human Geography fills two core curriculum requirements. We cover all aspects of human culture: religion, language, environment, population, conflict, politics and economy.

Originator: Linda Jones            Posted On :   11/16/2017