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Free Tutoring for Students in Housing
Free tutoring for on-campus residents, right in your hall! We can help you edit final papers, or study for your next exam. Stop by one of our locations around campus, Sunday – Wednesday, from 7 – 10 pm or visit

Originator: Alex Kissel            Posted On :   12/9/2019

Enroll in a new course for Spring 2020 -- VPA 5300: The Arts as (Big!) Data
Expand your understanding of the emerging role played by corpus-driven methods in the disciplines associated with the visual and performing arts with VPA 5300: The Arts as (Big!) Data.

Originator: David Sears            Posted On :   12/9/2019

Satisfy the SBS CORE REQUIREMENT with VPA 2310 in Spring
Expand your understanding of social and scientific issues in the arts while fulfilling the Social and Behavioral Sciences Core requirement! Available in Spring 2020.

Originator: David Sears            Posted On :   12/9/2019

Are you interested in your Life, Love, and Money?
Yes! PFI 1305 - Life, Love, and Money focuses on YOUR 3 most important decisions! Come and learn how you can invest in your life, love, and money for the greatest returns!

Originator: Jennifer Wilson            Posted On :   12/9/2019

World Heritage Class
Are you a graduate student interested in the preservation and management of our world’s natural and cultural heritage? If so maybe the class World Heritage sites 7000-004 (CRN 44967) will fit into your Spring 2020 academic schedule.

Originator: Daniel Tyler            Posted On :   12/9/2019

Live in Spain for one month during Summer I, 2020 and earn 6 hours of Economics credit learning about U.S. and E.U. climate and energy policies that address climate change using economic instruments and encouraging renewable energy generation!

Originator: Misak Avetisyan            Posted On :   12/9/2019

Responsible Conduct of Research Speaker
Guest Lecturer or Seminar Speaker available to speak to your class or student group on Responsible Conduct of Research.

Originator: Marianne Evola            Posted On :   12/9/2019
Research * Academic 

Call for Submissions for President’s Engaged Scholarship Awards Program
University Outreach and Engagement is now accepting submissions from Texas Tech faculty for the President’s Excellence in Engaged Scholarship Award and the President’s Emerging Engaged Scholarship Award.

Originator: Katie Howell            Posted On :   12/9/2019
Research * Academic * Departmental 

Call for Proposals for 3rd Annual Regional Engaged Scholarship Symposium
University Outreach and Engagement is seeking proposals for the Regional Engaged Scholarship Symposium to be held on April 2, 2020.

Originator: Katie Howell            Posted On :   12/9/2019
Research * Academic * Departmental 

Looking for a fun, hands-on class in spring?
Check out ENGL 3350 Topics in Book History! In this hands-on course, we'll print on an old press, make quill pens, ask what ebooks mean for the future of reading, and learn what books as objects can teach us.

Originator: Marta Kvande            Posted On :   12/9/2019

Competitive Scholarship DUE Feb 1st
It is not too early to start preparing materials for upcoming scholarships offered by Women's & Gender Studies. Scholarships are available to all undergraduate and graduate students.

Originator: Tricia Earl            Posted On :   12/9/2019
Academic * Departmental 

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Seeking Art from Grad Students for Juried Exhibition!
The Humanities Center and Landmark Arts are seeking visual art contributions from Texas Tech graduate students for a Spring semester exhibition on the theme of Justice.

Originator: MICHAEL T Borshuk            Posted On :   12/9/2019

Retirement reception honoring Linda Estes, Thursday, Dec. 12 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Communication Services conference room.

Originator: Judy Keesee            Posted On :   12/9/2019
Academic * Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Fall 2020- Spring 2021 Continuing Student Scholarship is Now OPEN!!!
The deadline for the 2019-2020 Continuing Student Scholarship app is February 1, 2020.

Originator: Samantha Berumen            Posted On :   12/9/2019

Hours of Operation During Finals

Originator: LISA Gould            Posted On :   12/6/2019
Academic * Departmental 

Science by the Glass with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe!
Come join TTU's Climate Center Tuesday, Dec. 10 for Science by the Glass at Local Bar and Grill on Broadway! Come enjoy food, drinks and a talk with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe! Bring your friends and come as early as 5 p.m!

Originator: Mariann Pruett            Posted On :   12/9/2019
Lectures & Seminars * Academic * Departmental 

BASW/MSW Program
Interested in changing the world? Want to make an impact in social justice, policy making and working with individuals?

Originator: Vecelia Mann            Posted On :   12/9/2019

Ask Santa for Spain Study Abroad this summer
May 15-June 8. English 2305: Introduction to Poetry: Dr. John Poch

Originator: John Poch            Posted On :   12/9/2019