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Graduate Minor & Graduate Certificate in Cross-Cultural Studies
The CCS Graduate Minor is supported by a multidisciplinary curriculum geared toward enhancing cross-cultural knowledge, skills, leadership, and lifetime professional success in a broad variety of traditional and non-traditional career paths.

Originator: Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo            Posted On :   5/17/2019
Academic * Departmental 

It’s time to invest in your future by taking PFI 3301!
Introduction to Personal Finance offers skills to help students navigate the financial world... for life! This course covers topics like basic financial concepts, borrowing, investing, and protection. Register for PFI 3301!

Originator: Jennifer Wilson            Posted On :   5/17/2019

Add a Business Minor to your Master’s Program!
Rawls is now offering a Business Minor for TTU graduate students pursuing a Master’s degree.

Originator: Cami Mancia            Posted On :   5/17/2019

Oklahoma and New Mexico Bordering County/State students may now certify your eligibility for the Summer 2019 Bordering County/Bordering State Waiver.

Originator: Student Business Services            Posted On :   5/17/2019
Academic * Departmental 

VPA2302: Yoga and the Creative Arts - Summer I
Yoga and the Creative Arts incorporates the movement practices of yoga with the teachings of Eastern philosophy to tap into your deepest creative nature: All students of all majors are welcome! (fulfills language, philosophy, and culture credit)

Originator: Claire Howard            Posted On :   5/17/2019

CFP - Gender & Gender Identity Colloquium
Is gender relevant to the 21st Century? How do gender difference and power relations influence us? How do transgender and gender identities intersect with other identities?

Originator: Tricia Earl            Posted On :   5/17/2019
Research * Academic * Departmental 

AAEC 1301 - New Social & Behavioral Science Core Class
AAEC 1301 is a new freshman-level, non-technical survey course that satisfies the Social and Behavioral Sciences Core requirement

Originator: DEEANN Pruitt            Posted On :   5/16/2019