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International Students Needed For Study
We are looking for International Students to participate in a research study on their experiences in a college campus.

Originator: Andrew Herridge            Posted On :   8/20/2019

Dating couples are needed to study relationship development. Both should be at least 18 years old, never married, childless, be interested in participating in a 3-phase study, and would like to be entered in a drawing for an Amazon gift card.

Originator: Caitlyn Morgan            Posted On :   8/16/2019

Child and Dog Activity Study
The ENERGY Lab is looking for youth 8-12 years old with OR without a dog to participate in a research study about children’s physical activity. If you would like the opportunity to earn $40, please email OR call (806) 834-7703.

Originator: Gabriela Lelakowska            Posted On :   8/20/2019

Responsible Conduct of Research Speaker
Guest Lecturer or Seminar Speaker available to speak to your class or student group on Responsible Conduct of Research.

Originator: Marianne Evola            Posted On :   8/19/2019
Research * Academic 

Individual and Family recovery from Alcohol Use Disorder
A study is being conducted on recovery experiences on family members of a loved-one with an alcohol use disorder as well as their loved-one with the alcohol use disorder.

Originator: Mazie Zielinski            Posted On :   8/20/2019

Parent/Spouse Study ($25 Compensation)
A study is being conducted to compare parents with adult children or spouse with a spouse who have an alcohol use disorder to parents with adult children or spouse with a spouse who do not.

Originator: Mazie Zielinski            Posted On :   8/20/2019

Research study: 16-Week Weight Loss Program
Seeking research subjects for 16-week weight loss study. Total possible compensation $310. ALL learn practical weight loss strategies. Some receive FDA approved medicine for weight loss. Call/email if interested: 806-742-5194,

Originator: Sharmin Akter            Posted On :   8/20/2019

Men and Women Needed for Interval Exercise Study
Men and women are needed to participate in research that will study the effect of a single bout of high-intensity interval exercise on blood pressure and brain blood flow.

Originator: Joaquin Gonzales            Posted On :   8/20/2019

Female STEM majors needed – earn up to $60!
Female research participants are needed for a study to inform the creation of materials and activities for Texas Tech’s STEM-based summer camp programs for girls.

Originator: Phoenix Crane            Posted On :   8/20/2019

Undergraduate Latina/os of Mexican descent between the ages of 18-25 are needed to participate in a study on academic, depression, and family support outcomes. Participants will receive a $5 gift card from Amazon.

Originator: Amber Lopez            Posted On :   8/19/2019

Tai Chi for pain management of knee osteoarthritis
Research participants needed for a new study “Tai Chi for pain management of knee osteoarthritis”, led by Dr. Leslie Shen, Professor of Pathology, TTUHSC, Lubbock campus.

Originator: Jason Lee            Posted On :   8/19/2019

Conducting Human Subject Research and needing help with the IRB Process?
The Human Research Protection Program offers group or class presentations to faculty members or students. To schedule a presentation, contact our office at or 806-742-2064.

Originator: April Ortegon            Posted On :   8/16/2019

XSEDE HPC Workshop: MPI - Sept 3-4, 2019
The High Performance Computing Center is hosting a remote classroom for September's XSEDE HPC Workshop Series on MPI. This workshop is intended to give C and Fortran programmers a hands-on introduction to MPI programming.

Originator: Chris Turner            Posted On :   8/20/2019
Research * Lectures & Seminars * Academic