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Help us learn about adolescent nutrition
Receive $175 + Food and Travel Reimbursement if attended all visits. If you are 13-19 years old and do not consume more than 4 eggs per week you may be eligible. This is a 14-week study. Call/email if interested: 806-742-5194,

Originator: William Quarles            Posted On :   8/22/2019

Men and Women Needed for Interval Exercise Study
Men and women are needed to participate in research that will study the effect of a single bout of high-intensity interval exercise on blood pressure and brain blood flow.

Originator: Joaquin Gonzales            Posted On :   8/22/2019

Recruiting for protein shake study--$60 compensation
This is a 13-week study with 5 visits which you will get free health information about metabolism, body fat, and muscle mass. Participants in protein group will drink 2 protein shakes a day. All participants will receive up to $60 as compensation.

Originator: Caitlyn Mullins            Posted On :   8/22/2019

4th Annual Symposium on Modern Warfare
The 4th annual Symposium on Modern Warfare will take place at Texas Tech University’s International Cultural Center September 20, 2019. The theme of this year’s symposium is Leadership and Modern Warfare.

Originator: Andrew Hinton            Posted On :   8/22/2019
Research * Lectures & Seminars * Academic 

CFP - Gender & Gender Identity Colloquium
Is gender relevant to the 21st Century? How do gender difference and power relations influence us? How do transgender and gender identities intersect with other identities?

Originator: Tricia Earl            Posted On :   8/22/2019
Research * Academic * Departmental 

Conducting Human Subject Research and needing help with the IRB Process?
The Human Research Protection Program offers group or class presentations to faculty members or students. To schedule a presentation, contact our office at or 806-742-2064.

Originator: April Ortegon            Posted On :   8/22/2019

Study on the Process of Healing from Infidelity: Earn a $20 Amazon Gift Card
Individuals and couples who have experienced infidelity in their committed relationship and experienced healing from infidelity are needed for a study. Earn a $20 Amazon gift card.

Originator: Dane Eggleston            Posted On :   8/22/2019

Study on Mens Decision-Making Process in Infidelity: Earn a $20 Amazon Gift Card
Males who have committed infidelity in a committed relationship or marriage are needed to study men’s decision-making process behind having an affair. You will receive a $20 Amazon gift card as compensation for your time.

Originator: Dane Eggleston            Posted On :   8/22/2019

Parents of 4th to 6th graders needed for a research study. Up to $240 for family
Are you a parent of a 4th to 6th grader? Are you interested in learning about emotion and school achievement development for your child? Join us in the Development of Emotions and School Achievement Study at Texas Tech!

Originator: Jenna Hefele            Posted On :   8/22/2019

Supplementation and Exercise Study for Hypertensive Women
Inactive postmenopausal women needed for research study investigating the effects of oral L-Citrulline (an amino acid) supplementation and low-intensity resistance exercise training on vascular function. $105 compensation

Originator: Stephen Fischer            Posted On :   8/22/2019