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Parents of 4th to 6th graders needed for a research study. Up to $240 for family
Are you a parent of a 4th to 6th grader? Are you interested in learning about emotion and academic achievement development for your child? Join us in the Development of Emotions and School Achievement Study at Texas Tech, and get paid up to $240!

Originator: Zhe Wang            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Research study: 16-Week Weight Loss Program
Seeking research subjects for 16-week weight loss study. Total possible compensation $310. ALL learn practical weight loss strategies. Some receive FDA approved medicine for weight loss. Call/email if interested: 806-742-5194,

Originator: Chelsi Webster            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Research Participants Needed
We are looking for Queer Latinx Men to participate in a study on their experiences on a college campus.

Originator: Andrew Herridge            Posted On :   7/27/2021

If you decide to participate in the study, you will receive a $50 gift card the first day of your participation, and another $50 gift card one week later. Interested participants should contact or call/text (806) 464-0098

Originator: Dana Benavides            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Paid Research Participants Needed for Online Study
Seeking participants for an online study concerning how people perceive interactions within a social setting. Participants will receive $12 for up to 30 minutes of their time.

Originator: Keith Jones            Posted On :   7/26/2021

Research Study on Undocumented Undergraduate and Graduate Student Experiences
Undocumented students are needed to participate in a research study about their college experiences. A $25 gift card will be provided. Interested students, please contact Connie Brown at or 806.778.6186

Originator: CONNIE A Brown            Posted On :   7/27/2021

Online Learning and Digital Literacy Skills
An online research study is looking for individuals who are online active social media users.

Originator: Stephanie Rincon            Posted On :   7/26/2021

Complete Psychology Research Study, Get $25
Adults (aged 18-59 years) are invited to participate in a paid, in-person study about how the nervous system responds to computerized auditory tasks. The study will be completed in one session lasting 2 hours or less. Participants will receive $25.

Originator: Lucas Hess            Posted On :   7/27/2021

RA Interested in Equity Research Needed for NSF-ADVANCE Grant
Research assistant needed for NSF-ADVANCE grant project: Advancing Equity through Systemic Strategies to Improve Leadership, Departmental Collegiality, and Data Transparency at TTU.

Contact Dr. Stephanie J. Jones at

Originator: STEPHANIE J Jones            Posted On :   7/27/2021
Research * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Healthy men and women aged >18 years with or without documented prior COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) infection are needed. COVID infection/re-infection incidence is being assessed, and biological and behavioral correlates of infection/reinfection evaluated.

Originator: Nazura Chowdhury            Posted On :   7/26/2021

Is Your Child Experiencing Bullying? Free Therapy Services for Grades 2-8
The TTU Peer Relations Clinic is currently conducting a research study providing free therapy services to children and adolescents affected by bullying and other peer difficulties.

Originator: John Cooley            Posted On :   7/27/2021