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Subjects Wanted for Sleep Study
Women and men are wanted to participate in research that will study the potential protective effect of stable sleep on blood vessel function following sleep loss.

Originator: Joaquin Gonzales            Posted On :   4/12/2024

Paid Research: Seeking Trans, Genderqueer, and Nonbinary folx
Earn $20! We are looking for transgender and gender-diverse TTU students/staff/faculty to participate in a research study about mental health. TTU students (part or full-time), staff, or faculty must be at least 18 years old.

Originator: Cole Morris            Posted On :   4/12/2024

Dietary Supplements and Muscle Recovery Study!
Recreationally active females that are naturally menstruating or taking a combined oral contraceptive are needed for a study looking at how a dietary supplement improves muscle recovery after exercise! Participants can receive up to $200!

Originator: Christian Rodriguez            Posted On :   4/12/2024
Research * Academic * Departmental 

Join the TTU System Health Policy and Public Health Think Tank!
Interested in getting experience in a Non-Profit Think Tank? Join the TTU System Health Policy and Public Health Think Tank! Get involved in public health, policy, media/public relations and/or research.

Originator: Junia Lee            Posted On :   4/11/2024
Research * Academic