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Texas law and Texas Tech Policy require Directors and Operators of summer camps and on-campus programs for minors to ensure that their employees have been trained and certified in sexual abuse/child molestation awareness and prevention.

Originator: DAHLIA Guerra            Posted On :   5/25/2017
Academic * Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Tech Advantage Vendor Fair | Today!!!
TTU Staff Senate presents the 2017 Tech Advantage Vendor Fair on Thursday, May 25th from 3pm-5pm in the SUB Red Raider Ballroom. FREE FOOD AND PRIZES!

Originator: Alan Cushman            Posted On :   5/25/2017
Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Get to know your 2017 Staff Senate Nominees
Get to know why the 2017 Staff Senate Nominees want to serve on Staff Senate.

Originator: Jennifer Offutt            Posted On :   5/25/2017
Faculty/Staff Organization 

2017 New Faculty Orientation
Are you responsible for helping new faculty members in your department or area as they join Texas Tech?

Originator: Esther Saldivar            Posted On :   5/25/2017
Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization * Teaching, Learning & Professional Development Center 

Strategic Hiring Course On May 31st
Join the Human Resources Talent Acquisition team in a course that is designed to inform and increase the knowledge of hiring managers to support appropriate hiring practices.

Originator: Stephanie Gonzales            Posted On :   5/25/2017
Faculty/Staff Organization