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FY18 Year End Timeline
Instructions on FY18 year-end Financial information and dates.

Originator: Robin Grosz            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Departmental * Banner News and Tips for Employees 

Environmental Sustainability - Fall '18 - Online Graduate Course BIOL 6360-D01
Environmental Sustainability is being offered Fall 2018 as an online elective for graduate students across all related fields.

Originator: Deborah Carr            Posted On :   8/14/2018

Interested in joining a fraternity at TTU? Go through IFC fraternity recruitment! For more information and to register for recruitment, check out:

Originator: Ileana Hinojosa            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Student Organization 

Female Caregivers with Teens (12-17) Needed for Research!
Looking for female caregivers who have either adopted a child or are caring for a child (ages 12-17) as a grandmother, aunt, older sibling, older cousin, family friend, etc to participate in a research study!

Originator: Elissa Dougherty            Posted On :   8/14/2018

Join a free program called the Body Project to feel better about your body!
The Body Project is a group aimed at helping people feel better about their bodies. You will be able to attend two, 2-hour sessions designed to improve your body image. If you are interested, please contact

Originator: Zohal Heidari            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Lectures & Seminars 

Are you due for EEO, Title IX, or Ethics training?
Human Resources is offering a classroom-style training that covers three compliance trainings - EEO, Title IX, and Ethics.

Originator: Kristen Grant            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Academic * Departmental 

Service Break applications are OPEN! Weekend, week-long, and local service opportunities for you to TRAVEL, LEARN, & SERVE!

Originator: Jacy Proctor            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Academic * Student Organization 

Join the Transfer Techsans – an organization just for transfer students!
Make friends and get involved by joining the Transfer Techsans! Meet other transfers through monthly meetings, social events, tailgates, holiday parties, volunteer activities, intramurals, and more!

Originator: Sandra Castillo            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Departmental * Student Organization 

Weekend Service Break: Camp Summit
TTU students spend your weekend at Camp Summit serving & learning!

Originator: Jacy Proctor            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Academic * Departmental * Student Organization 

First Day of School Photos
Get your first day of school picture taken! Head to the Free Speech Gazebo on August 27th from 10am to 2pm and have your picture taken to share with your family and friends.

Originator: Morgan Brannon            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Arts & Entertainment * Departmental * Student Organization 

SGA Funding - FY19 Funding Training
All student organizations who receive funding from the Student Government Association MUST attend a funding training session before utilizing FY19 funding. This does not apply to TTU Law or TTUHSC student organizations.

Originator: Katherine Taylor            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Departmental * Student Organization 

Are you currently casually or seriously dating someone? Participate in a short online survey for a chance to win an Amazon gift card.

Originator: Rebecca Oldham            Posted On :   8/14/2018

SGA Funding for FY20 (September 2019-August 2020)
The funding application process to apply for FY20 SGA Funding opens September 10, 2018.

Originator: Katherine Taylor            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Departmental * Student Organization 

SGA Funding Requirements - DEADLINES for FY19
Organizations funded by SGA must fulfill three requirements before they can begin utilizing the funded allocations. Failure to meet the deadlines will result with the organization forfeiting portions of their allocation.

Originator: Katherine Taylor            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Student Organization * Student Organization 

Raider PC Mart - Exchange or Transfer Computing Equipment
Raider PC Mart allows TTU areas and departments to exchange or transfer computing equipment and peripherals that are no longer needed.

Originator: IT Education            Posted On :   8/14/2018
IT Announcements 

Nominate your Parent/Grandparent to the Texas Tech Parent of the Year Award!
Do you want to show your parent(s)/guardian(s)/grandparent(s) just how much you appreciate everything they have done for you? This is your opportunity to nominate them for the 2018 Parent/Grandparent of the Year award!

Originator: William Mouzon            Posted On :   8/14/2018

TTU TRIO Student Support Services provides free printing, textbook use in office, iPads, graphing calculators, tutoring, workshops, success coaching, and graduate school preparation.
Apply today!

Originator: Marcus Graham            Posted On :   8/13/2018

Recruiting Research Subjects: Free Body Fat Assessment & up to $20 Compensation
We are seeking research subjects for ONE 2 ½ - 3 hour in-person session looking at comfort during moderate exercise. No blood draw or overnight fast. Free body fat test and up to $20. Call/email if interested: 806-742-5194,

Originator: Sharmin Akter            Posted On :   8/14/2018

Faculty, place materials on reserve at the Library
Faculty, you reserve parking spots, hotel rooms and restaurant tables…why not let us reserve your course materials?

Originator: Julie Barnett            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Academic * Departmental 

Graduate Students: Get Involved in Christian Grads Fellowship (CGF)!
The purpose of CGF is to offer a place where students feel comfortable discussing the trials of graduate school and learning to integrate our faith into all aspects of our graduate careers. We meet once weekly, and will start back up in the fall!

Originator: Amber Benet            Posted On :   8/10/2018
Student Organization 

Responsible Conduct of Research Speaker
Guest Lecturer or Seminar Speaker available to speak to your class or student group on Responsible Conduct of Research.

Originator: Marianne Evola            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Research * Academic 

Fidelity Investments available for Financial Advice
A financial adviser from Fidelity Investments is taking appointments.

Originator: LaDonna Johnson            Posted On :   8/13/2018

Research participants needed – earn up to $30!
Research participants are needed for a study examining the influence of reinforcement on taste preferences. Scheduling is extremely flexible throughout the summer!

Originator: Tran Le            Posted On :   8/13/2018

Disability Awareness Week 2018 Call for Art
Student Disability Services announces a Call for Art for the 2018 Disability Awareness Week. TTU student artists who identify as having a disability are invited to showcase their artistic talents at the First Friday Art Trail in October.

Originator: Taylor Fortney            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Arts & Entertainment * Departmental Events * Academic 

New JR/SR Level Leadership & Team Building Course!
The College of Arts & Sciences is now offering CASC 3100 Leadership Development & Team Building for the Fall 2018 semester.

Originator: Raelin Randall            Posted On :   8/13/2018

Call for Participants
ePortfolio Faculty Learning Community

Originator: Molly Jacobs            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Teaching, Learning & Professional Development Center 

CFP - Gender & Gender Identity Colloquium
Is gender relevant to the 21st Century? How do gender difference and power relations influence us? How do transgender and gender identities intersect with other identities?

Originator: Patricia Earl            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Research * Academic * Departmental 

The Remnant Trust Student Scholar Award
The Award is offered to all TTU undergraduate and graduate students. The chosen student will work with the Trust's collection of rare books to create and curate and exhibit and make a presentation on the topic of the recipient's choice.

Originator: Alexander Root            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Research * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

The Remnant Trust Student Internship
The Remnant Trust and TTU are offering an Internship for a TTU undergraduate or graduate student.The internship allows students an opportunity to work with 1st edition, early edition, and manuscript works that are part of the Trust's collection.

Originator: Alexander Root            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Research * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Raiders Rojos Fall 2018 Scholarship
Scholarship application submission deadline is Aug 22nd, by 5:00 p.m. Please see detailed description for eligibility requirements. Online application is available at

Originator: Wendi Weitman            Posted On :   8/10/2018

Need to Renew Rec Membership after 5?
Now you can purchase or renew a Rec membership at the North Entrance from 5-8, Monday thru Friday. Will close at 6:30 during Interim Aug 13 -17.

Originator: Deborah L Green            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Rec Sports Programming 

Enroll in a new course for Fall 2018 -- VPA 5300: The Arts as (Big!) Data
How might computers help us to discover the stylistic features that distinguish Shakespeare from Marlowe? Expand your understanding of the emerging role played by corpus-driven methods in arts research with VPA 5300: The Arts as (Big!) Data.

Originator: David Sears            Posted On :   8/13/2018

Research Assistants Needed
The SHARC Lab is looking for RAs for the 2018-19 school year. RAs will primarily be working on projects related to program evaluation and increasing retention of girls/women in STEM fields. Course credit available

Originator: Phoenix Crane            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Research * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Women Interested in Weight Loss Needed!
The Nutritional Science Department is recruiting healthy women ages 18-44 years old to eat the breakfasts provided for 2 weeks. Questionnaires and blood draw will be involved on 2 days of the 2 weeks.

Originator: Yaqiong Zhu            Posted On :   8/14/2018

International Students Needed For Study
We are looking for International Students to participate in a research study on their experiences in a college campus.

Originator: Andrew Herridge            Posted On :   8/14/2018

Dance, Health, Wellness -- and a Music core credit! Fall 2018
Open to all UG/grad from across the TTU campus

Originator: CHRISTOPHER J Smith            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Lectures & Seminars 

SURVIVORS: Hope and Resilience in the Time of Ebola
“Through the eyes of African filmmakers, SURVIVORS presents an unforgettable portrait of Sierra Leone’s heroes as they confront Ebola during the most acute public health emergency of modern times.”

Originator: Lora Lopez            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Research * Lectures & Seminars * Academic 

XSEDE HPC Workshop: Big Data - September 4-5, 2018
The High Performance Computing Center is hosting a remote classroom for September's XSEDE HPC Workshop Series on Big Data. This workshop will focus on topics such as Hadoop, Spark, and TensorFlow.

Originator: Chris Turner            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Research * Lectures & Seminars * Academic 

Presentation by Dr. Megan La Peyre, U.S. Geological Survey
Title of presentation is "Using research and monitoring to increase ecological understanding and restoration success across Northern Gulf of Mexico estuaries"

Originator: Amanda Garcia            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Lectures & Seminars 

Texas Parks and Wildlife to present topics of research interest
Agency personnel will discuss three areas of emerging interest in aquatic and terrestrial research.

Originator: Amanda Garcia            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Lectures & Seminars 

Did You know Air Force ROTC is here on Campus?
Air Force ROTC is an academic program that you can participate in while you work towards earning your degree. Once you graduate and finish AFROTC, you will be commissioned into the Air Force as a Second Lieutenant.

Originator: Jose Milan            Posted On :   8/10/2018

New Minor in Mexican American and Latina/o Studies
NEW COURSE: MALS 2300: Introduction to Mexican American and Latina/o Studies

Originator: Sarah Schwintz            Posted On :   8/9/2018

Participate “Whey To Go” protein supplementation study and receive $60!
If you are healthy, between 19-45 years, with BMI between 25-40, and not lifting weights or doing exercise regularly, you may qualify for a 13-weeks protein supplementation study.

Originator: Nadeeja Wijayatunga            Posted On :   8/13/2018

Ending Sexual Harassment in the Academy Summit
Members of the Texas Tech University community will host a one of a kind summit focusing on sexual harassment in the academy, August 15-17, 2018.

Originator: Patricia Earl            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Research * Faculty/Staff Organization * Student Organization 

Offering $10 for Youth (Ages 5 – 18) and Caregivers for Children’s Health Study
The ENERGY Lab is looking for youth and caregiver dyads to help us learn how youths’ feelings, attitudes, and exercise relate to their physical and psychosocial health. We are offering a $10 gift card for your participation.

Originator: Zohal Heidari            Posted On :   8/14/2018

Size NorthAmerica at Texas Tech: Receive $20 for Completing a Body Scanning!
“Size NorthAmerica at Texas Tech” is hosted by the College of Human Sciences and the Dept. of Design at Texas Tech University, collaborating with Human Solutions to collect 3D body measurements from representative samples of the Texas population.

Originator: Oak-Hee Park            Posted On :   8/14/2018

The Department of Psychological Sciences at Texas Tech University seeks participants for a PAID in-person study on how people share secrets.

Originator: Anthony Foster            Posted On :   8/14/2018

Employee Tuition Assistance is changing
As Fall 2018 nears, it is important to make you aware of some recent changes that will affect ETA benefits for the fall term and beyond.

Originator: Student Business Services            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Academic * Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Hygienic Food Plant Design Class This Fall
A class is being offered this Fall for undergraduate and graduate students interested in food safety, HACCP, and Hygienic Design of Food Processing Plants, restaurants and food processing facilities.

Originator: Alejandro Echeverry            Posted On :   8/14/2018

Growing Up WILD at Lubbock Lake Landmark
Growing Up Wild is designed to engage your 3 and 4 year old in the natural world by connecting them to nature through stories, hands-on take home activities, and outdoor explorations.

Originator: Susan Rowe            Posted On :   8/10/2018
Arts & Entertainment * Departmental 

This course prepares international students for graduate-level academic writing and writing for publication.

Originator: Olga Pahom            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Lectures & Seminars 

Vascular Health In Post-Menopausal Women Study
Inactive postmenopausal women needed for research study investigating the effects of oral L-Citrulline (an amino acid) supplementation and low-intensity resistance exercise training on vascular function.

Originator: Stephen Fischer            Posted On :   8/13/2018

Vascular Health Supplementation Study
Inactive Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Caucasian women with high blood pressure needed for research study investigating the effects of oral L-citrulline and Taurine supplementation on vascular function.

Originator: Stephen Fischer            Posted On :   8/14/2018

Chris Young in concert with Kane Brown & Morgan Evans - Sept. 14!
Chris Young comes to TTU's United Supermarkets Arena with special guests Kane Brown & Morgan Evans Friday, Sept. 14. Tickets on sale now through Select-a-Seat of Lubbock!

Originator: Cindy Harper            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Arts & Entertainment 

WWE Live! September 9th at TTU's United Supermarkets Arena
This is your chance to see WWE Champion AJ Styles, The Miz, Jeff Hardy, Charlotte Flair many more*! (card subject to change)

Originator: Cindy Harper            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Arts & Entertainment 

Students Come Get Your POA!
Student Legal Services is offering current TTU students a Power of Attorney workshop near the SUB food court and CopyMail from 2:30 - 4:00 on Monday, August 20.

Originator: JEFF Hays            Posted On :   8/14/2018
Lectures & Seminars * Departmental 

Looking for the best course to graduate with?
If so, then take "Language & Community: Learning While Serving (ENGL 4371)", a service-learning internship course for teaching English to second or foreign language speakers, with Dr. Min-Joo Kim!

Originator: Min-Joo Kim            Posted On :   8/13/2018

Department of Landscape Architecture Red Raider Rally
Come Celebrate the Start of the Fall 2018 Semester
Free of Charge. Frozen Treats & Refreshments Provided.
Outdoor Games & Activities Sponsored by SASLA & DoLA

Originator: Justin Palacios            Posted On :   8/13/2018
Departmental * Orientation 

Need a Fall Course?
It's not too late to add another course for fall! This far- invest in your future with a #DoLA course! Register today!

Originator: Justin Palacios            Posted On :   8/13/2018

English 2307.D05: Science Fiction Storyworlds
New English distance course on Science Fiction for Fall 2018 now open. Meets online Thursday evenings 6:00-9:00 pm. Fulfills core Language, Philosophy, and Culture credit. Enrollment limited to 20.

Originator: Bruce Clarke            Posted On :   8/14/2018

ENGL 2322: Global Lit II Fall 2018
Want to read literature from across the world? Want to understand how we became "modern"? Check out ENGL 2322: Global Lit II!

Originator: Roger McNamara            Posted On :   8/13/2018