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CROSS-CULTURAL STUDIES PROGRAM-Graduate Minor & Graduate Certificate
The CCS program is supported by a multidisciplinary curriculum geared toward enhancing cross-cultural knowledge, skills, leadership, and lifetime professional success in a broad variety of traditional and non-traditional career paths.

Originator: Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo            Posted On :   11/25/2021
Academic * Departmental 

Planning to submit a Fulbright Scholar application? We are here to help you!
TTU-Fulbright Liaisons are available to provide faculty and staff/admin with detailed information about the different Fulbright programs, application process and guidelines.

Originator: Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo            Posted On :   11/25/2021
Research * Academic * Departmental 

Seeking full-time undergraduate students who feel sad/depressed
Opportunity for a $25 gift card! Looking for U.S. citizens who may be sad or depressed to participate in an online survey about social relationships, activities, and mental health experiences sometimes faced by college students now or in the past.

Originator: Sarah Sparks            Posted On :   11/25/2021

Red Raider Army ROTC looking for Sophomores
The Department of Military Science (Army ROTC) is looking for qualified Sophomore students. We have a $5,000 bonus if you attend summer camp in the summer of 2022 (subject to availability every year, and meeting requirements).

Originator: Mayela Ramirez            Posted On :   11/25/2021
Academic * Departmental 

Master of Science in Marketing Research and Analytics
Learn the latest techniques for analyzing data as it pertains to marketing research!

Originator: kamy Birk            Posted On :   11/25/2021

NEW Accelerated BBA to Master of Science in Finance.
All Finance majors. Begin taking graduate courses your senior year and apply up to 9 hours of graduate coursework toward your undergraduate degree! Questions? Contact

Originator: kamy Birk            Posted On :   11/25/2021

"Witness" Curated by Efrem Zelony-Mindell
School of Art presents: "Witness". The exhibition is a small step into the direction of a world cognizant of the values of critical race and gender theory.

Originator: Dani Marshall            Posted On :   11/25/2021
Arts & Entertainment