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Free Body Image Opportunity for Campus Organizations and Departments!
The Body Project is hosting free body image workshops for student organizations, campus programs, and departments. These workshops are two sessions, 2-hours each. Contact for more information.

Originator: Zohal Heidari            Posted On :   8/12/2019
Lectures & Seminars 

Will you be a TA or Lab Safety Captain in the Fall? LAST DAY TO REGISTER!
Join EHS for a workshop designed to prepare you for emergency situations in your lab and how to enforce safety with your students or lab mates. Dinner, door prizes and great information!

Originator: Heather Coats            Posted On :   8/13/2019
Lectures & Seminars * Academic * Departmental 

Folk Medicine
Dr. Eliseo Torres learned herbal lore and healing from his parents, and as he matured, he learned from them a love and respect for the history and folk knowledge of the ancient art of curanderismo, or Mexican folk healing.

Originator: Lora Lopez            Posted On :   8/13/2019
Lectures & Seminars * Departmental 

winds, brass, strings, percussion, rhythm, SATB vocals, dancers too: open to participants from across the TTU/LBK community. Not Your Classical Orchestra!

Originator: Chris Smith            Posted On :   8/12/2019
Lectures & Seminars 

Music, movement, culture, and meaning: Constructs in Ethnomusicology
Music, movement, culture, and meaning from around the world--study it all in Fall 2019
No formal music training required

Originator: Chris Smith            Posted On :   8/12/2019
Lectures & Seminars 

Dance, music, health, wellness: Open to all
Dance Practices for Musicians, Fall 2019; open to all students, all levels of experience.

Originator: Chris Smith            Posted On :   8/12/2019
Lectures & Seminars 

Music of Frank Zappa: Fall 2019 (UG/grad, all majors)
I went to the library.

Originator: Chris Smith            Posted On :   8/12/2019
Lectures & Seminars 

Communication Training Center Signature Workshops—Reserve Your Spot Today
CTC Workshops to resume on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the fall months beginning September 3.

Originator: Karen Preiss            Posted On :   8/12/2019
Lectures & Seminars 

Language, Image, Power Conference
The purpose of the “Language, Image, Power: Luso-Hispanic Cultural Studies Theory and Practice” conference is to take up the history, evolution and future of the field as both a discipline and a set of working practices.

Originator: Susan Larson            Posted On :   8/9/2019
Research * Lectures & Seminars * Academic