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Two Factor Authentication Implementation and Changes to eRaider Coming Soon

To improve the quality of service and security to eRaider account holders, the TTU IT Division is implementing two new changes this summer: Two Factor eRaider Authentication, and a redesigned eRaider Sign-In page.

Two Factor Authentication
Due to increasing threats to critical systems in higher education, such as payroll systems, IT staff have worked hard to integrate Two Factor Authentication within the eRaider system to provide an additional layer of account security. With Two Factor Authentication, eRaider account owners may be required to enter a code (received by voice call or text) along with their username and password, before accessing some eRaider-authenticated resources. This is similar to what financial institutions have done for several years.

Two Factor Authentication will initially be implemented for our Direct Deposit sites around May 23, 2017, with additional sites to possibly follow at a later time. For more information, visit

New eRaider Sign-In Page
The eRaider Sign-In page will receive a redesign in look and functionality around May 23, 2107. In addition, eRaider account holders will be required to now sign in with their email address or “domain\username” (“ttu\username” for example) instead of just the username alone. The current eRaider Sign-In page already accepts email addresses as well, so eRaider account holders should begin signing in with their address now. More information about this change, including screenshots of the new sign-in page, is available at


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