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Feminist Thought & Theory Course Offered (Fall 2017)

The Women’s Studies Program examines the cultural and social construction of gender, explores the history, experiences and contributions of women to society, and studies the influences of gender on the lives of women and men.

The University offers an undergraduate or graduate minor in Women’s Studies as well as a Graduate Certificate. Goals of the minor include helping students interpret concepts of gender and gender identities in different social, cultural and political contexts.

Whether students are choosing to go into fields of study such as Business, Medicine, Law or Public Relations, courses in women’s studies provide critical professional development. 

There are * 652 women’s and gender studies programs at community colleges, colleges, and universities in the U.S.

Courses in the Women's Studies Program emphasizes critical thinking across disciplines, which is vital to success in any career you choose.  You will learn how to critically evaluate practices, beliefs and standards about gender that shape the opportunities that women and men face in their daily lives. 

Feminist Thought & Theory offered this spring: 

  • Fall Term (Open to WS and non-WS students)

* WS 4310.D01 – CRN# 38030 | Feminist Thought & Theory | ONLINE

Catalogue Description: 4310. Feminist Thought and Theories (3). Prerequisite: Junior standing or consent of instructor. An examination of important theoretical writings and perspectives in women's studies, including the contributions of feminist theory and analysis to traditional disciplines.

Note: If you are not a Minor and wish to take this course as an elective, please contact the instructor ASAP

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We are delighted to share our program and support the academic community. Please note that a minor in Women’s Studies has course options, which can begin as early as your first college semester!

CONTACT: For more information visit our web site at or contact Tricia Earl, Unit Supervisor/Undergraduate Advisor for the program (806) 742.4335 

  • Source: “Mapping Women’s and Gender Studies: A National Census of Women’s and Gender Studies Programs in U.S. Institutions of Higher Education”, NORC Project 6433.01.62, Dec. 2007, The National Women’s Studies Association

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