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Summer I course: Seminar in Organization Communication COMS 6303-001

Seminar in Organizational Communication (COMS 6303-001 Summer 1)


The course will examine how communities can partner or coordinate their crisis programs with what is called crisis communication center (CCC).  Along with this my goal is to have a few graduate students who can take this idea to develop their own research project in varieties of contexts including but not exclusive to health, sports, military, ethics, services, product development and marketing, oil and gas, environment, etc. Individuals looking for elective from other colleges are welcome.  More importantly, individuals who are self-starters and willing to learn independent of others are encouraged to consider taken the course.  If you are interested in the course, please contact the instructor before enrolling in the course. (806-834-3978).


Bolanle Olaniran


Media and Communication