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Are you a graduate student interested in learning more about Human Sexuality?
HDFS 5353-Human Sexuality will use an interdisciplinary social science perspective to explore topics related to Human Sexuality. Perspectives from Human Development & Family Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Communication Studies, and Women’s & Gender studies will be used to frame a number of advanced topics. Subjects to be discussed include, but are not limited to: sexual assault prevention, sexual development and experiences throughout the lifespan, sexual orientations and fluidity, sexual fantasy and variations, sexual health policies and sex education, infidelity, consensual non-monogamy, attraction, sexual arousal and orgasm, and sexual communication. .

HDFS 5353 will be held Wednesdays from 3-5:50 PM. As part of the course, students will engage in a community outreach activity of their choosing. Take the course students have called "a wonderful experience" this Fall 2017!

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Dana Weiser at

Dana Weiser


Human Develop and Family Studies