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Intersectionalities: Race, Class and Gender
The Women's Studies Program is proud to announce a new course offering from our program.
  • Course Name: WS 2305 - Intersectionalities: Race, Class, and Gender in the Global World
  • Catalog description: WS 2305. (3). The study of women’s experiences as influenced by such social statuses and identities as race, class, and global status.
  • Spring: ONLINE (only) | CRN 39204
There is not a "special approval" code and the course is open to all students. The enrollment is low and capped at 30 students.

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Who can take this class?
  • WS 2305 is open to all undergraduate students, minors and non-minors.  Fulfills the multicultural credit.
What if I want to become a minor?
  • Meet with an advisor: the Women's Studies Advisor is responsible for giving you information regarding your degree plan (Undergraduate/Graduate Minor or Graduate Certificate), monitoring your progress, and helping you in areas such as scholarships, transfer of credit, etc.
What can I do with this minor?
  • This is not an uncommon question for all students when they begin to choose their major/minor for their degree. Although, for students that choose to minor in Women's Studies Programs the question seems to be more persistently asked. It is difficult to get a picture of women's studies as a field due to the number of graduates out in the workforce and the kinds of career paths being chosen. Women's Studies prepares graduates to work in various careers that may or may not be specific to a particular expectation such as other fields of study that may train for a specific career path.
Women's Studies offers a student a unique set of skills learned through women’s studies programs: empowerment, self-confidence, critical thinking, building community, and understanding differences and intersections among racism, homophobia, sexism, classism, ableism, anti-Semitism and other types of oppression.

Tricia Earl, Manager/Academic Advisor, Women's Studies Program, DOAK 125, T (806) 742.4335

Patricia Earl


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