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Attention All University Faculty
Texas Tech University is committed to ethical institutional programs that meet the teaching, research, and service objectives of each discipline and department, to policies that are consistent with those objectives, and to a working and learning environment that encourages active participation. Such exemplary environments often challenge existing worldviews, requiring trust in the process of discovery and the acceptance of uncertainty and ambiguity within ethical parameters.

As an interdisciplinary program, the Women's & Gender Studies brings together faculty from across the campus. These scholars teach, research and/or service the University in areas related to Women's and Gender Studies.

Please consider submitting an Affiliated Faculty application to connect with our program. For details on how to submit and the application form visit our web site:

Note: If you are already an Affiliated Faculty member, thank you. Please pass this along to others that may be interested in becoming one.

You can also sign up to be on our E-Newsletter email list on our home page (lower right side of the page):

CONTACT: Dr. Charlotte Dunham, Director, Women's Studies Program, T (806) 742.4335, DOAK Hall RM 123 & 125.

Patricia Earl


Womens Studies Program