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Fall 2017 Accessibility Trainings - TTU Worldwide eLearning

Texas Tech University Worldwide eLearning is offering several online accessibility trainings this fall that are free for all TTU faculty and staff. We have one event left! See below for calendar and registration information!

Dates and Times

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December 6 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Webinar Online Accessibility for Instructors



Online Accessibility Trainings



Online Accessibility for Instructors

This lecture will go over the federal guidelines instructors need to know to keep their courses accessible. Participants will leave with a check list of items to implement into their courses and learn about the resources at Worldwide eLearning. Participants will have opportunities to ask questions that pertain to individual situations.


Making Your Documents Accessible

This workshop teaches you simple steps to make documents accessible to students who utilize screen readers, including Word, PowerPoint, and PDFs. Participants will receive instruction and guided time to practice their new skills, learn how to use Microsoft Accessibility Checker and save in an accessible format. Please bring a syllabus or another document to revise and make accessible.


The OAL Lab – Worldwide eLearning Accessibility Help

This short informative webinar will detail all the resources that are available to instructors through Worldwide eLearning Online Accessibility Lab. The areas that will be discussed are the accessibility evaluations, captioning services and converting files to an accessible format.



Timothy Howard


eLearning Marketing