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Solutions of previous math finals for sale
SIAM and MAA are selling solutions of previous math final exams for $9 in the Math building from Nov. 29 to Dec. 6 (except Saturday and Sunday). Business hours will be from 8am to 4pm. Packets include 2 final exams from previous semesters with full solutions. This is a great way to study for your math final!

Sales are taking place in the main lobby area on the first floor of the Mathematics Building.
We will be accepting cash and credit cards. No personal checks will be accepted.

We have finals for the following classes:
MATH 1300 (Cont. Math)
MATH 1320/1420 (College Alg.)
MATH 1321 (Trig)
MATH 1330/1430 (Bus. Math)
MATH 1331 (Bus. Calc)
MATH 1451 (Calc I)
MATH 1452 (Calc II)
MATH 1550 (Pre-Calc)
MATH 2300 (Stats)
MATH 2450 (Calc III)

We also have blue books available for $1.

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Giacomo Capodaglio


Mathematics and Statistics