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New CHEM offerings in Summer and Fall

CHEM 3310 - Molecular Biochemistry has been added to the Summer 2018 schedule for the first time!  It is being offered as a full summer term course (MWF 9-10:30).  This is the one semester Biochemistry course that may be of interest to majors in Biology, Agriculture, Human Sciences, and Pre-professional Health Careers areas or as an elective to fulfill a Chemistry minor (along with the prerequisite Gen Chem and Organic sequences).

CHEM 1306 & CHEM 1106 - Chemistry that Matters (+ lab) has been added to the Fall 2018 schedule for the first time.  This lecture+lab counts as a Core Life and Physical Science and can be taken in addition to CHEM 1305+1105 (not recommended at the same time).  This course is typically taken by Nursing and some Agriculture majors, but can also be taken just to fulfill a Core requirement.  In the past it has only been offered in Spring terms, but we are trying it in Fall and Spring in 2018-19.

We have also added CHEM 1307 (online format) to the full summer schedule and an additional CHEM 1307 (F2F) section in the 2nd part of summer term for incoming students.


Robert Long