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Need a LPC/Humanities Course For Fall 2018?: Check Out HUM 1300!

The course is recommended especially for first and second year students.

The format includes a combination of small discussion groups (no more than 20 students) who come together for weekly lectures (maximum of 40 students). Lecturers come from a diverse array of disciplines and departments, offering multiple perspectives and shared topics and allowing students to sample methods.

HUM 1300 Course Description:

The humanities – the name for studies that investigate the complex question of what it means to be human – are at the heart of how we understand ourselves and how we understand others. Humanistic study hammers out, circulates, contests, defends, and revises our beliefs about the past, selfhood, citizenship, morality, responsibility, kinship, love, identity, economies, fear, rights, beauty, health, ethics, boundaries, heroism, and faith. This course, designed especially for first-year and second-year Texas Tech students, is a broad introduction to the humanities across disciplines. In addition to the section instructors, it features weekly lectures by a cross-section of Texas Tech’s top humanities professors from departments such as Anthropology, CMLL, English, History, Theatre & Dance, and Philosophy, each in his or her areas of expertise. Through these lectures and weekly discussion sections, students will come away from the course with an understanding of the many ways in which the humanities address large questions that affect all of us.

If you have questions concerning the course, feel free to contact the Humanities Center Director Dr. Dorothy Chansky ( or the course instructor, Dr. Lauren Griffith (


Brett Stine