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Qualys Cloud Agent Deployed to all Systems on Monday, June 18, 2018

In order to better protect TTU information resources and further enhance our security posture, the Qualys cloud agent will be deployed to all TTU-owned client systems beginning on Monday, June 18, 2018. The Qualys cloud agent performs the same scans as the current network-based scanners, but allows near real-time vulnerability reporting for TTU systems, allowing Enterprise IT Security staff to rapidly identify security threats on the TTU network. During our pilot phase, this solution was successfully tested on over 1,750 systems without issue. The client is very small, silently installs, and runs as a background process that is transparent to the user. Please note that no personal information is gathered during these scans.

What This Means for You 

  • The client download will be added to the TTU Baseline Security GPO on June 18th and domain-joined, Windows systems will begin to automatically receive the client; no action is needed on your part. 
  • For non-domain systems and Macs, IT Help Central will work with each area to deploy the software, using KACE or via a downloadable package.

In the course of scanning our network for security threats, we have detected certain systems that are actively attempting to circumvent the university's security scans. This could happen for several reasons, including misconfigured anti-virus software or local firewalls and/or deliberately shutting systems down to avoid scans. If you are aware of these instances, please assist in removing these obstacles as these types of actions are in violation of State of Texas security requirements. Further, TTU Security Policy states that system administrators must immediately remove any and all network evasive processes or procedures serving to block the monitoring and auditing of system scans conducted by the University’s IT Security Team.

Should you need additional information or have questions or concerns, please contact IT Help Central at or (806) 742-4357 (HELP).


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