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Do You Know About: Reporting an IT Security Incident

Texas Tech University has procedures in place for reporting computer security incidents as outlined in the Incident Management Security Policy, that can be reviewed online at Faculty, staff, and students must file a report prior to any attempt to remediate, solve, or troubleshoot the incident.

A wide variety of data security incidents must be reported including: virus, worm, and other malware infections; unauthorized use of computer accounts and systems; complaints of improper use of information resources; data theft and fraud; and suspected computer system compromises. Should you become aware of a data security issue, please: 

  1. Immediately report the incident: 
    • For virus, worm, and other malware infections, compromised systems, or improper use complaints, contact the Enterprise IT Security team at or (806) 742-0840; or 
    • For potential criminal acts (data theft, fraud, etc.), the exposure of confidential information, or a threat to personal or homeland security, directly contact either 1) the TTU Information Security Officer, Jeff Barrington at (806) 742-5151 or, or 2) TTU Chief Information Officer and Information Resources Manager, Sam Segran, at (806) 742-5151.
  2. After the TTU Enterprise IT Security team has reviewed and provided guidance, work collaboratively to perform appropriate remedial action in accordance with the Information Security Officer’s instructions and IT guidelines.

Some incidents will require some investigation to assess the severity, scope, and risk. In many cases, further diagnostics are required and will be conducted by the Information Security Officer or his designee. Again, please contact the security staff above before altering the computing system or attempting to “fix the problem.” Typically, virus and worm infections can be cleaned up without further investigation, and IT Help Central can provide assistance.

For more information or questions, please contact IT Help Central at (806) 742-4357 (HELP) or via email at


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