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Craving Football?
Register for the Intramural 4v4 Flag Football League. Create your team now on or the mobile app, IMLeagues. Come to the Intramural Office, Rec Center Room 203, during the registration period, April 2-5, to select your game time and pay the $25 Forfeit Fee.

This sport falls under the Modern Series of Intramural Sports. This means teams will play a longer regular season, games will be self-officiated, and participants may play on multiple teams.

Want to play 4v4 Flag Football but don't have a team? Attend the 4v4 Flag Football Free Agent Meeting on Tuesday, April 2 @ 6pm in the Intramural Sports Office, Room 203 in the Rec Center.

For questions contact the Intramural Sports Office, 806-742-2945 or come by the Rec Center Room 203 during business hours.

Brett Jackson


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