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Take a Course in Public Choice Spring 2018

The Department of Political Science at Texas Tech University offers a class on Public Choice. Earn 3 semester credit hours in POLS 3316 to study public policy from an economic perspective. Private choice you can do all by yourself, but non-market decision making requires some form of collective action. We usually call it politics. Public Choice is the economic analysis of politics. The subject matter is political science, but the theoretical lens of economic analysis is used to examine the behavior of voters, politicians, bureaucrats, and interest groups under various institutional arrangements.

More information about this and other similar courses can be viewed at the following URL: Minor in Applied Political Economy.

Interested students may contact the Free Market Institute with any questions by email at or by phone at (806) 742-7138. Students may also consult with their academic advisors for more information about this course.


Amanda Smith


Free Market Institute