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Fraud Scheme
There is currently a fraud scheme circulating in which TTU employees are being instructed by someone posing as a director, dean, president, or some other administrator/supervisor to purchase a large number of gift cards and to send a picture of the cards/PIN numbers to the requestor.  In the scheme the TTU employee is initially contacted by email.  Eventually, the perpetrator uses the disclosed information to defraud Texas Tech.  

This information is being distributed to make you aware of the fraudulent intent.  Employees should not share any credit card/PIN numbers, accounting, or other financial/security information that could be used for fraudulent purposes.  Caution should be used anytime you are contracted for this type of request.  In addition, gift cards are not permitted for purchase on institutional funds except with prior approval.

If you have questions about an employee or vendor asking for this type of information, you can contact  If you would like to report a fraud incident, please contact the Texas Tech University Police Department 806-742-3931.

Jennifer Adling


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