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Latinx Mental Health & Resiliency Youth Ambassadors Program


The Latinx Mental Health & Resiliency Youth Ambassador Program is an innovative program that aims to empower Lubbock youth to voice and address their needs. This program will work closely with potential solutions to those needs. In this program, 10 youth from across Lubbock will meet bi-weekly for training, project development, project implementation, and presentation to community members and organizations about the needs they have identified. The ultimate goal of this program is to empower Latinx youth to become advocates for their needs and learn how to affect policy and practices in their communities in order to improve the mental health and well-being of their peers and Latinx families. This program will involve training in community based participatory research methods, project development, advocacy, and presentation skills. The participants will also gain critical thinking skills and will have the opportunity to work alongside the director of the Latinx Mental Health & Resiliency (LMHR) Lab at Texas Tech University, Dr. Brandy Piña-Watson, and a number of undergraduate and graduate students for this lab. Through this collaboration, the youth in the ambassador program will work with the LMHR Lab at Texas Tech University to develop recommendations and distribute information aimed at decreasing mental health issues of Latinx youth in the Lubbock community.


To apply to the Ambassadors Program, click the following link (applications are available in English and Spanish):

English application:

Spanish application



Maria Sanchez


Psychological Sciences