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Free therapy group for adult children of alcoholics / addiction

The Healing Room: Recovering Childhood

The Healing Room: Recovering Childhood is an education, support, and process therapy group for college students from families with addiction and/or dysfunctional families. 

Growing up in families with addiction or abuse can impact how we relate to ourselves and others in adulthood in damaging ways. We may become passive or dependent, ignore our own needs, accept responsibility for others, or become self-critical, perfectionistic, approval seekers. We may become overly independent, avoid uncomfortable emotions by distracting ourselves with work, excitement, or drugs/alcohol, become distrustful of others, or become controlling and manipulative in order to protect ourselves. 

This therapy group is designed to identify and explore common traits that emerge from childhood experiences in homes with addiction/abuse, combat resulting shame and guilt, promote self- compassion, improve relationships, and form a sense of community and connection with others. 

Rather than concealing or hiding difficult family experiences, The Healing Room provides a space for open, honest, and judgment free reflection, working toward building healthy and authentic relationships. 

If you are interested in joining the group, you will meet individually with group co-leaders for a 30 minute screening / orientation meeting before the group begins.

For more information about The Healing Room: Recovering Childhood contact: 
Kim Thornton ( or John Purcell ( 

Group meeting time is TBA based on student and counselor availability.  Participation is voluntary, available at no-cost, and confidential. 

John Purcell


Student Counseling Center